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Find Out Tricks to Make Outboard Boat Engines More Energy Efficient

Find Out Tricks to Make Outboard Boat Engines More Energy Efficient

Having an outboard boat engine that is energy and fuel efficient is the dream of many people. By saving energy, in addition to being able to save more costs, you can also reduce air pollution from emissions produced during driving. 

Suzuki Marine has compiled a list of five simple ways you can make your outboard boat engine more energy efficient. Follow the method below!

Set the Speed

The easiest way to improve your fuel economy is to set the pace of your boat or boat. Make sure you're always at a steady pace, not too slow but also not always at full speed

Because outboard boat engines will usually be in the most efficient position when you put out 60% to 80% of the power. By wisely adjusting the speed, you can save fuel even up to 50%

Pay Attention to the Payload

All the objects you carry on the way add weight and load to the boat, this weight is also what will affect the fuel efficiency of the outboard boat engine. Therefore when driving with your boat, make sure you have selected the items to carry. Bring enough equipment and also some emergency equipment such as buoys, snacks, and P3K boxes.

Clean the Boat

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As trivial as it may sound, piles of dirt or unused items on the hull of a boat or boat can be the cause of your vehicle Being heavy. If the load increases, of course, it will also increase the workload of your outboard boat engine. Make sure you regularly check the hull regularly and dispose of unused items.

Reduce Idle Position

Sometimes when in a position to wait for their turn to dock at the dock or talking to colleagues, many of the boat drivers are in an idle position. The idle position is comfortable and makes it easier for you when you want to continue driving immediately, 

but you should keep the engine energy efficient avoid being in this position too often. If you feel like you're going to stop for a long time, turn off your boat first and turn it on again when you're ready to drive back.

Periodic Service Routine

Outboard boat engines will be energy efficient if they are in top condition. Take a look at your manual to find out when the routine service schedule recommended by Suzuki Marine. Or you can also perform service at least once a year. A well-maintained outboard boat engine, 

will provide optimal fuel efficiency. For servicing your beloved outboard boat engine, be sure to entrust it to an official Suzuki Marine repair shop. Find out more about the costs and how to service at the Suzuki Marine workshop by clicking this page

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