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Want to Buy a Car for Your Child? Consider These 4 Things

Want to Buy a Car for Your Child? Consider These 4 Things

Now, not a few parents buy cars on his son to support his daily activities, starting from going to campus or hanging out with friends. However, there are a few things that should be pay attention before giving a car to your child. Arbitrary? Yuk Consider the following 4 things:

1. Age and Children's Mental Readiness

Before buying a car for your child, make sure that he has qualified to ride private vehicle, which is at least 17 years old and already has a license Driving (driver's license) in accordance with the regulations listed in Article 281 Law Number 22 of 2009 concerning Road Traffic and Transportation.

In addition to meeting the conditions legal, you also need to make sure that your child can be wise when drive and obey traffic rules, such as not driving in drunkenness or speeding on the road. By having awareness, children can responsible for his deeds as a motorist.

2. Customize with Budget

Other things to look out for is to adjust to the available budget. Expenses that should be Pay attention to not only costs when making purchases, but also costs maintenance and resale price. Ensure periodic car maintenance costs it fits the budget, or you can make a car purchase that bundled with Saving Packages for more car maintenance costs Affordable.

In addition, the resale price can also be one of the considerations, remembering that this is your child's first car that will probably be replaced with the other car when the child is already working. 

Make sure the car is yours buy has been supported sales & after sales services that are complete and evenly distributed in throughout Indonesia, as well as the model is in demand by many people so that the selling price tends to be stable.

3. Customize with Children's Needs

Then, the important point another is to determine the car that suits your child's needs. Generally, hatchback type cars with two rows of benches such as the Honda Brio or Honda City Hatchback RS are suitable for use as The first car for teenagers, given its compact size so that It's easier to maneuver on the road for beginners.

4. Insurance

The last point to note In buying a car is insurance. Protecting a car is not just limited to introduce children to driving safety knowledge, but also by insuring your car. With insurance, you will be protected from any financial risks that arise such as car damage due to accidents, theft and others.

Get to know some related components with the amount of car insurance premiums. First is the domicile of your car, second is the domicile of your car, second is the price category of the car, and the last is a type of insurance that selected are All Risk (comprehensive) or Total Loss Only (TLO). Adjust insurance chosen with your budget and needs.

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