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Here's How to Own a Car in your 20s!

Here's How to Own a Car in your 20s!

Now, the need to have a car is not only felt by those who are married, but has also become a daily necessity for the younger generation. 

The car is an ideal means of transportation to support activities, such as studying or going to the office. However, how do you own a car for those of you in your 20s? Check out the following tips!

1.) Determine the Budget

Before considering buying a car, you need to check your financial condition. Determine how much budget you have, according to your financial condition and income. 

For those of you who want to own a car for the first time, entry level cars such as Honda Brio Satya or RS can be an option. With prices starting from IDR 151,400,000 (OTR Jakarta), Brio has a more affordable price for those of you who are just starting to work.

2.) Car Survey

After that, you can do a survey by comparing several car models whose prices are in accordance with your budget. To do this, you can find this information on the official ATPM website such as to learn about the available features. 

Not only that, but you can also watch test drive reviews on Youtube or read reviews from automotive journalists to find out how to drive. If necessary, you can also contact the nearest dealer to do a test drive directly, which you can check HERE.

3.) Savings Discipline

After you determine the car to buy, of course you need to save money to collect a down payment or make a payment in cash. Contact the nearest Honda salesperson in your city to find out the amount of DP (Down Payment) to pay, so you can determine how much to set aside each month to pay the down payment. 

To save in the long run, you can increase the amount of down payment paid so that monthly installments will be lighter. To be more disciplined, you can use the auto-debit savings facility that is usually provided by banks, reduce less important expenses and find additional sources of income such as freelance.

4.) Learn Sales Program

The sales program is also one of the things that is no less important. By knowing the advantages, terms and conditions of the sales program offered, you can make savings when buying a car. Honda's sales program that is currently valid until July 31, 2021 is a waiver of up to 4 million rupiah which you can check HERE.

5.) Bank Survey

Finally, the thing you also need to survey is leasing offers from several banks. Of the many choices, you can also choose a bank that has collaborated with a car dealership. Usually, car companies that have cooperated with banks will provide more benefits compared to those that do not. Take advantage of this to ease the burden of installments.

Let's immediately realize your dream of owning a new Honda car!

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