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These Are The Specifications Of Wuling Air Ev, An Electric Car At An Affordable Price

wuling air ev

Wuling Air EV is currently a topic of discussion for many people. This electric car has indeed succeeded in attracting consumers in Indonesia because it is sold at a relatively affordable price of around Rp. 200 million, and has good performance when used on the streets. Are you currently interested in buying it? Check out the specifications of Wuling Air EV that we will present below.

Wuling Air Ev was first introduced to consumers in Indonesia through the GAIKINDO Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS) 2022 which was held last August. Since then, the number of Wuling Air EV orders has continued to increase, even now it has reached more than 3,000 units. Wuling itself revealed that because the amount of demand is quite high, consumers who want this tiny electric car must make an indented purchase and must wait for at least 2 months for all types.

On the other hand, Wuling Air EV does have interesting specifications. In addition, the car is also sold at a relatively more affordable price than other electric cars in Indonesia. So, it's no wonder that there are many people who are eyeing him. Well, if you are currently also interested in buying it, please see our explanation regarding the specifications of this Wuling Air EV.

Wuling Air EV Specifications

Please note, Wuling currently presents several choices of variants for its electric cars. Here are the variants or types of Wuling Air EV available:

  • Air EV Standard Range: IDR 238,000,000
  • Air EV Long Range: IDR 295,000,000
  • Air EV Long Range with Charing Pile: IDR 311,000,000

1. Car body size/dimensions

Many people say that Wuling Air EV is a small car because the dimensions of the car do have a smaller size when compared to other conventional cars. Wuling Air EV has a length of 2,974 mm, a width of 1,505 mm, a height of 1,631 mm, and a wheelbase of 2,010 mm. With these dimensions, this car can be used to accommodate about 4 passengers, namely 2 people in the front row and 2 people in the back row.

2. Exterior design of the car

As an electric car that is identical as a modern car, Wuling carries a future-tech design with a boxy shape at the back and seems rounded on the front. For all available car variants, it is also offered with futuristic colors such as Pristine White, Avocado Green, Lemon Yellow, Peach Pink, and Galaxy Blue. 

Then on the front, an Extended Horizon LED with blue accents that cross from the left mirror to the right on the Long Range variant has been embedded. While in the Standard Range variant, the line is replaced with chrome accents. In addition, for the Air EV Standard Range variant, the front and rear lights use halogen bulbs, while the Air EV Long Range variant already uses LEDs. 

For the wheels, Wuling Air EV uses 145/7 tires with wheels that have a diameter of 12 inches. In the Air EV Long Ranger type, Wuling has embedded disc-type hardening. While the Air EV Standard Range type uses disc brake type for the wheel braking system at the front and drum type for the rear wheels.

3. Interior design

Wuling Air EV specifications will then review the interior. Please note, Wuling Air EV has a variety of advanced features so that the futuristic impression is not only seen from the exterior design but also the interior. For the Long Range variant, there is an Integrated Floating Wide Screen system consisting of a 10.25-inch head unit and a 10.25-inch meter cluster.

On the head unit screen, there are various entertainment systems that are connected to an internet connection. In addition, you can also use it to adjust the air conditioner, view navigation, and others. Then for the cluster meter itself, you can use it to see various information needed when driving. For example, car speed, travel power, battery capacity, gear position, driving mode to battery efficiency.

As we explained earlier, this Wuling Air EV can accommodate up to 4 passengers with a 50:50 seat arrangement. In front of the AC grille, there is also a cup holder that can keep drinks cool during the trip.

Then turning to the center console section, you will see the Rotary Gear Selector as a feature for transmission operation with a rotary knob and decorated chrome ring. The console is also equipped with a variety of buttons for operating electric windows, Electric Parking Brake, and Auto-Vehicle Holding. 

The steering wheel of this car also looks different from other conventional cars. Wuling Air EV uses a steering wheel model with two leather-covered bars that are equipped with audio operation buttons and menu settings on the right and left sides.

4. Battery specifications

For Wuling Air EV specifications related to its performance, then you need to know the details of the battery used. In the Air EV Standard Range, the battery used is a Lithium Ferro-Phosphate IP67 rating type with a capacity of 17.3 kWh / 115 V and is able to be used to cover a distance of 200 km. For the recharge of the battery, it will take at least about 8.5 with a power of 2.0 kW AC

Then for the Air EV Long Range variant, the type of battery used is Lithium Ferro-Phosphate IP67 rating with a capacity of 26.7 kWh / 115 V which can be used to cover a distance of up to 300 km. The charging time of this Long Range battery takes about 4 hours with a power of 6.6 kW AC.

5. Wuling Air EV Features

This electric car has a variety of modern features to increase comfort and safety when driving. Some examples of safety features available such as two airbags, a braking system supported by disc brakes, ABS, EBD, TPMS, and others. In the Long Range type, there are also additional features, namely electronic stability control (ESC) and electric parking brake.

Well, to provide comfort to the driver or passengers, this car has an electric power window, USB charging port, and Internet of Vehicle (IoV). You need to know, the Internet of Vehicle (IoV) feature allows the car to be connected to the internet and can act as an internet-based device. That way, you can control Wuling Air EV with commands via smartphone. 

You can consider the information on the specifications of the Wuling Air EV above when buying an electric car. Wuling Air EV besides having a variety of modern features is also offered at a more affordable price than other electric cars currently in Indonesia. No wonder, if Wuling AIR EV has succeeded in attracting the interest of many consumers.

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