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Want a Fuel Efficient Car? Take Note of These 5 Important Tips!

In the midst of an uncertain economy like today, of course, you yearn for a fuel-efficient car as a means of transportation that helps you move. This is also what makes fuel-efficient MPV cars still one of the segments with high demand in the automotive market

It's true, choosing a fuel-efficient mpv car can be an alternative. But there are actually ways to save fuel that you can apply to any type of car. Here are tips to save vehicle fuel that you can try.

Want a Fuel Efficient Car? Take Note of These 5 Important Tips!

Check Wind Pressure

It sounds trivial, but the wind pressure on the tires that is less can cause fuel consumption to be more wasteful. This is due to less wind pressure, which will cause tire performance and car speed to be heavier, this is what makes the engine have to work extra. 

Therefore, the air pressure in the tires must be checked regularly, whether the tires used or the spare tires stored in the trunk though.

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Use air conditioning carefully

Air conditioning is a support for comfort when driving, because its existence holds the key to regulate the cabin temperature to remain normal. Please note that when the AC is turned on, the engine power will be taken by the AC system up to 5 PK to drive the compressor and related systems. 

To make it use more efficient, you can do a simple trick, which is to let the car's heat decrease first by opening the window. As soon as the hot air decreases, you can turn on the air conditioner

Optimize AC performance by turning off the AC switch when you need engine power, for example when passing uphill roads or utilizing economy mode which will reduce the load from the compressor.

Check the Air Filter

The role of the air filter is very important for the vehicle, therefore it is important for you to always ensure that this component remains clean. 

Because the air filter that is clogged due to dust and too dirty will make the car's performance heavier and wasteful of fuel. Clean the air filter every 2,000-3,000 km or replace it if it has been used for too long.

Avoid Carrying Too Heavy Loads

Another factor that also affects fuel consumption is the car's built-in load. Too much load on the car will affect fuel consumption. For a load of 50kg that your car transports, it will increase fuel consumption by about 1-2% for each load of 50kg in the car. 

Therefore, make sure you bring enough things when traveling, especially when you want to travel long distances.

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Periodic Service Routine

Servicing the vehicle regularly can save fuel use. Service every mileage of up to 5000 km. With regular service, you will be able to detect early the car parts that need to be repaired or replaced so as to avoid severe damage which of course not only makes the car wasteful of fuel but also drains repair costs. Perform periodic service of your car only at authorized Suzuki repair shops.

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