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How to Change Axle Oil on the Most Practical Automatic Motor

How to Change Axle Oil on the Most Practical Automatic Motor
How to Change Axle Oil on the Most Practical Automatic Motor

Sciipy - Changing the axle oil for an automatic motor is as important as changing the engine oil. How to change the axle oil is also quite easy because it can be done at home alone without having to go to an official workshop. You can buy axle oil from a spare parts shop or an official automatic motor repair shop.

Axle oil change is one of the routines that must be done by automatic motorcycle owners. Even though the replacement period is longer than engine oil, you should not neglect the maintenance of this one motorbike.

Because in reality, many people who are less attentive to changing the transmission oil regularly even usually forget.

When is the Right Time to Change Axle Oil?

Axle oil is a friction maker between the transmission components so that there is no damage to the automatic motor. Its function is to make the components in the transmission of its performance smoother by lubricating the part. The axle oil that is not replaced will make noise in the CVT box of the automatic motor.

You also need to know when is the right time to change the axle oil. How many months does an axle oil change? We recommend that you change this transmission oil within 8 months.

But you can not only stick to the replacement time but also can see the vehicle mileage. At least the vehicle requires a transmission oil change when the mileage has reached 8000 km.

If you do not change the axle oil above the mileage, the vehicle engine can be damaged.

How To Change Axle Oil For Matic

How to change the axle oil? Before conducting a transmission oil change session, you should first prepare the tool. The tool needed is in the form of a container to hold used oil.

Then you also need a T key or a Y key with a size of 12 and then do not forget to prepare a new axle oil. The price of axle oil is not too expensive, starting from tens of thousands alone.

  • The first thing you have to do to change the oil is to heat the motor engine.
  • Heat the motor for a maximum of 15 minutes, because in warm conditions it can more quickly help lower the level of oil viscosity. This also makes it easier to manage the oil in the gearbox.
  • Then you can start unscrewing the bolts in the axle oil drain section. Generally, this place is under the gearbox of your automatic motorbike. Immediately put a place to collect used oil so as not to make the motor area around it.
  • Usually, the time for oil draining is up to 15 minutes long to make it more optimal. How to change the axle oil of the Vario 125 is fairly easy. You can also optimize the drain to remove the remaining oil that settles by first lowering the side of the motor and tilting it.
  • If you have made sure the oil is no longer dripping, then install the oil removal bolt that was opened earlier.
  • Next, you will do the oil filling, and unscrew the filling bolts whose place is at the top of the oil discharge.
  • Open the axle oil bottle by cutting off the head. In some types of filling motors the hole is in a horizontal position. So the strategy that you can do to fill the oil is to squeeze this transmission oil bottle so that the contents come out.
  • After the oil has entered all, notice a leak or not? If there is no dripping oil, the transmission oil change process is complete.

That's how to change the axle oil of an automatic motor that you can do easily and can be tried at home. If you usually do an oil change in an authorized repair shop, now is the time to do it independently.

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