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Here's How to Properly Clean a Car Dashboard

Here's How to Properly Clean a Car Dashboard
Here's How to Properly Clean a Car Dashboard

The dashboard is an important part of the car interior. If the dashboard is dirty, it is certainly not good to be in the steering wheel, especially close to the steering wheel. Moreover, this part of the car is a place to store various needs such as drinks as well as radio and air conditioning control.

Caring for the dashboard of the car will also affect its service life. No need to worry because now there is an easy way to clean the car dashboard and you can do it at home. The cost of car maintenance is cheaper because there is no need to go to the car salon.

Easy Ways to Clean a Car Dashboard

How to easily clean the dashboard of a car? Just follow the method below.

1. Use a Feather Duster or Kanebo

To clean this part, there is no need to call a car interior cleaning service. You just need to prepare a wet feather duster or kanebo. hAndal feather duster in lifting dust that sticks to the dashboard. The tool also does not cause scratches due to its fine hair.

Open the car door when cleaning the dashboard with this tool. That way the dust will not re-enter when cleaned. In addition to the feather duster you can also use a wet kanebo.

This car cleaning tool is easy to find anywhere. To clean the dirt with wet kanebo, it is necessary to wash the rinse every use so that the dust is completely lifted optimally.

2. Downy Brush

To clean the dashboard of the car that is not easily accessible by hand you can continue by using a fluffy brush. You can add toothpaste to remove stubborn stains. It is not recommended to use whitening toothpaste. This material is harmful to the dashboard because it is able to damage the material.

3. Vacuum Cleaner

Another car dashboard cleaning tool is a vacuum cleaner. This tool can vacuum until it reaches a narrow angle. In the market, there is also a vacuum cleaner specifically for car dashboards. The shape is smaller so it is easy to carry around.

4. Lotion

To restore the dull color of the dashboard back bright can use lotion. For easy application, namely applying lotion on a cloth cloth after that rub it on the dashboard. After that immediately wipe with a new dry cloth. The properties of lotions are able to moisturize and protect the dashboard from the sun's rays.

5. Fizzy Drinks

You can also clean the dashboard using fizzy drinks. The trick is to prepare a rag that is able to absorb water. Fill the sprayer bottle with fizzy drinks. Spray the dashboard with this liquid evenly then wipe until completely dry.

In addition to fizzy drinks you can also use baking soda added with water. Its application is not much different from fizzy drinks.

6. Baby Wipes

You can use baby wipes to clean the dashboard of the car. Baby wipes have antiseptics so they are able to clean germs and bacteria that stick. The humidity of wet wipes is also better than using a dry cloth. Wet wipes are simply applied to the surface of the dashboard until the dirt is completely removed.

7. Baby Shampoo

For old car dashboards, you can generally use special dashboard cleaning fluids or baby shampoo. Mix baby shampoo with water and then use a microfiber cloth. This wipe has a smooth surface so it does not cause scratches on the surface of the dashboard.

Continue by spraying the dashboard with baby shampoo that has been mixed with water. Wipe with a microfiber cloth until the surface is dry. Do this to the entire dashboard surface of your old car. You can clean the dashboard of the car once a week so that its appearance is always maintained and attractive.

You can also repaint if there is a beret on the dashboard that is difficult to remove. How to clean the dashboard of the car above using the equipment around you. The application is easy and can be used for all types of cars. How interested in trying it from now on?

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