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Be Careful, This Problem Is The Cause Of The Car Crashing When Gassed!

Be Careful, This Problem Is The Cause Of The Car Crashing When Gassed!

There are several things that can be the cause of a car crashing when gassed. If you are experiencing it, the following information can help you. Come on, check it out! 

A car that is gassed when gassed is indeed a condition that makes the driver feel uncomfortable when driving. In addition to making the car run falteringly, when experiencing this problem, the driver will also usually feel that the pull of the car becomes heavy. 

Actually, this problem of a car can be avoided if the car owner uses his vehicle properly and provides the necessary maintenance. However, there are certain conditions that cannot be avoided so that the car becomes running in a faltering manner. What are these causes? Here's the explanation for you.

Causes of Car Brebet when Gassed

1. Fuel is less or almost exhausted

The cause of the car being gassed when gassed first is because the car lacks fuel. This seems trivial and can actually be avoided. Even so, many car owners have bad habits such as just wanting to refuel when the gasoline indicator has pointed to a quarter. There are even some car owners who do not immediately fill up the gas when the gasoline indicator on their vehicle has almost shown an "E" (empty) sign or is about to run out.

This will bring various adverse impacts such as car engines becoming unstable, engines suddenly shutting down, the appearance of rust, and fuel consumption can become more wasteful. If you don't want your favorite vehicle to experience this problem, then you need to keep your vehicle's fuel needs met.

2. Dirty or damaged gasoline filter

Basically, a gasoline filter works by filtering out dirt or water elements present in the fuel. Well, when the component is dirty or damaged, the filtering process cannot work optimally so that dirt will enter the combustion chamber. This is what makes the car become complicated when gassed. In addition, a dirty filter will also hinder the supply of fuel to the combustion chamber so that the car engine becomes stuttering.

To fix this, you certainly need to clean the already dirty gasoline filter. But if the condition is indeed damaged, then you need to replace it with a new filter.

3. Spark plugs are damaged

The cause of a car crashing when gassed can also be due to damaged spark plugs. Spark plugs themselves are the most important component in the ignition system of a car and play a role in burning a mixture of gasoline with air that has been compressed by the piston. The combustion results will later produce power to start the car engine perfectly. Well, when the spark plugs have a problem, the combustion process is not optimal so that the car will run falteringly. Cars with soaked spark plugs will usually also be difficult to start.

Usually, the signs of a car spark plug having a problem and should be replaced immediately are as follows:

  • car engine is difficult to start
  • The car noticeably vibrates in the idle position
  • unpowered cars
  • spark plugs have a deep black tap

In addition, you need to know, the average spark plug needs to be replaced each car covering a distance of 20, 000 kilometers. If it is indeed car spark plugs that are the main cause, then you need to replace the component with a new one. 

4. The engine overheats

Car engines that have problems or are overheating will generally experience a decrease in performance. Usually this happens because the car's cooling system does not function properly so that the car's engine components become extreme expanding, especially on the cylinders or pistons. Well, when the piston expands, the shift of the piston with the cylinder wall will be greater. This makes the work of the machine heavier and automatically the power from the engine becomes reduced or even disappears. As a result, the car will become stuttering or stuttering when used. 

Usually an overheated engine occurs due to several causes such as a coolant radiator that has run out, a dirty radiator, a damaged cooling chip, and others. So, check the cooling system of your car to find out if there are any problematic components in it.

5. Using inappropriate fuel types

The use of inappropriate fuel can also make the car cranky. Please note that fuel or fuel has different octane values. The higher the octane value of the fuel, the less residue left behind. Usually, a car engine with high engine performance and compression ratio will require a type of fuel with a high octane value as well. Therefore, know in advance the type of fuel that is most suitable for your vehicle so that the car engine can continue to work optimally.

6. Dirty body throttle

Currently, there are many cars that use a system where the engine can be connected to an ECU or engine control unit. Well, the ECU system can make the engine work accurately such as being able to command the throttle to close and open. However, when the throttle body is in a dirty condition, the automatic system becomes unable to work. This will eventually make the car crumble when gassed. 

The throttle body is a component of the air intake system and functions to control the amount of air flowing into the engine combustion chamber. To clean it you can use gasoline by rubbing it with a brush. 

7. Car injection system "catches a cold"

The cause of the car crashing when gassed last is because the injection pump enters the wind. This usually happens because car owners are often late in refueling so that the empty tank becomes filled with wind. When the wind is pumped by the fuel pump, the injection pump will have problems "catching a cold". Air bubbles also enter the combustion system and make the fuel pressure unstable so that the car engine becomes stuck when gassed. 

To avoid this problem from occurring, you need to refuel until the state is full or half full. Make sure it will also use quality fuel and is suitable for the needs of the car engine. 

Some of the problems that we mentioned above can be one of the causes of a car crashing when gassed. Please do a check to find out the main problem.

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