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Know the 6 Causes of Sudden Injection Motor Death

Know the 6 Causes of Sudden Injection Motor Death
Know the 6 Causes of Sudden Injection Motor Death

Sciipy - The trend where motor vehicles already use injection systems is in great demand by the public. Apart from the fact that the performance is better than the motor with a carburetor, it is also more fuel efficient. But sometimes, the injection motor suddenly turns off and is difficult to restart.

There are several things that cause the injection motor to die suddenly. Arbitrary? Find out the answer in the following review.

1. Problematic Spark Plug Components

The spark plug components on the motor you must pay attention to. The use of spark plugs turned out to have a time limit so it had to be replaced. Replacement of spark plugs is generally done if the mileage of your injection motor has reached 8,000 km to 10,000 km. Checking the spark plugs can also be done when it reaches 4,000 km.

If you do not replace the spark plugs, it will cause the motor engine to shut down. The location of the spark plugs in the combustion chamber in the engine causes the spark plugs to work at very hot temperatures. As a result, the spark plugs will not last for a long period of time.

2. Dirty Air Filter

The cause of the injection motor breaking down suddenly which is also often encountered is because the air filter on the motor is too dirty. As the name suggests, the air filter on the engine serves to filter the dirt that enters the combustion part.

Dirt attached to the air filter can impede or reduce the required air supply to the injector. This results in the fuel combustion process being disrupted.

For this reason, you need to check the cleanliness of the air filter or air filter when servicing the motor periodically. You can also change the air filter to make the motor performance better.

3. Stuck Engine Valve

Gasoline fuel along with air will go through the engine suction valve to carry out the combustion process. Meanwhile, the gas and residual combustion material will be discharged through the exhaust valve. When the engine valve is stuck, the engine valve cannot be closed completely.

This condition causes fuel to come out in the valve gap that is not tight. This results in the injection motor shutting down suddenly. To prevent this from happening, you need to check through periodic service at an authorized repair shop that has complete equipment to maintain the injection motor.

4. Improper Use of Fuel

Injection motors that use advanced technology for the supply of fuel and oxygen as per the needs of the engine are recommended to use suitable fuel. The injection motor is completely dead due to unsuitable fuel. Pertamax fuel is the most suitable fuel for injection motors.

It uses other types of fuel such as Premium or bottled fuel. Over a long period of time it will degrade engine performance and allow the injection motor to die suddenly.

5. Injector on Clogged Machine

Injectors that function to drain fuel may experience obstruction due to dirt and dust particles that cannot be filtered by the gasoline filter.

Dirt that coagulates and sticks to the injector will impede the flow of fuel. Injector cleaning can be done through the flushing process of the injection system which is able to clean automatically.

6. Not Routinely Performing Service

The injection motor certainly requires maintenance to make it more durable and the engine performance is optimal. What's more, the injection motor needs mileage analysis to ensure that the motor engine components are still in good condition or not.

The injection motor suddenly dies can be avoided if it is routinely serviced. So, do not forget to perform service in an authorized workshop whose tools are guaranteed to be suitable for the maintenance of the injection motor engine.

Those are some of the causes of the injection motor to die suddenly. If you are still in doubt about the exact cause, you can immediately take your motorbike to an official repair shop to check. The incident where the motorbike suddenly turns off will not be experienced if you routinely check and maintain it regularly.

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