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Must Know! 3 Advantages of Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid

Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid is a car released by Suzuki that is so popular in 2022. The car, which officially paved in Indonesia in June 2022, is the pioneer of electrified mpv cars in Indonesia which are priced at a fairly affordable price. 

This car is believed to be more environmentally friendly because it has the flagship Smart Hybrid technology from Suzuki. Here are 3 advantages of the Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid that you must know.

Fuel Economy

Smart Hybrid technology is an innovation from Suzuki in order to reduce vehicle exhaust emissions and also save fuel. In addition to being a solution to the needs of environmentally friendly cars, Suzuki Smart Hybrid technology is very useful in saving fuel consumption, especially for those who live in big cities and often face cities that can be long hours. 

In this technology, there are 2 main components, namely the Integrated Starter Generator (ISG) and Lithium-ion battery, both of which function as alternative driving engines that can be used interchangeably when the car is in a traffic jam. 

The existence of an alternative drive other than an ordinary engine, of course, will reduce the engine performance load and definitely have an impact on the use of fuel which becomes more economical than ordinary cars.

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Easier charging

Suzuki's innovative car is not only enlivening the trend of hybrid cars, but also paying attention to the convenience of its users. This is proven by the convenience offered by the Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid car in charging the battery. 

The electrical power in the Suzuki Smart Hybrid Lithium-ion battery can be charged automatically through regenerative deceleration when the power speed slowdown is stored into the li-ion battery. In other words, through Smart Hybrid technology, drivers no longer need to go to the electric vehicle charging station to charge the battery.

Advanced & cutting-edge features

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Various other benefits can also be felt by car users with Suzuki Smart Hybrid technology. One of them is the Auto Start-Stop feature which is useful for use during traffic jams. 

Through this feature, the engine will be able to stop automatically when the car is in a complete stop. This will help fuel efficiency because it is able to minimize vibration, and engine noise. 

Meanwhile, when the vehicle is accelerating, the acceleration assist feature will help produce power that will be automatically flowed to the li-on battery. Thus reducing the workload of the fuel engine will be reduced and the use of fuel will also be reduced

With its ability to increase fuel consumption efficiency, provide comfort when driving, and reduce exhaust emissions, cars that will later use Suzuki Smart Hybrid technology are priced at very competitive prices. 

This makes the cost of owning and maintaining a car with Suzuki Smart Hybrid technology quite affordable. Thus helping consumers reduce routine expenses for vehicles.

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