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Here are 4 Tips for Caring for a Car in the Rainy Season!

Here are 4 Tips for Caring for a Car in the Rainy Season!

Entering the rainy season, you need Pay attention to several things to keep the car in top condition. By car condition which is good, you will be safer and more comfortable when driving in all kinds weather. What should be noted? Check out the following 4 points!

1.) Immediately Rain Wipe on Car Body

Rainwater that is allowed to stagnate in car body, especially for a long time, it will eventually leave a mark on the car body. Over time, car paint can also be affected by its quality.

2.) Use Additional Carpets

When it rains, wet shoes can also wet the car carpet when you enter the cabin. If left unchecked, For a long time mold will develop on the damp carpet of the car. Do prevention by using additional carpets made of waterproof rubber so that it dries quickly.

3.) Routine Preheat the Engine

Vehicle engines require temperature certain to be able to work to the maximum. However, in the rainy season, it is usual the ambient temperature tends to be cold so you still need to heat the car at least once every two days even if not in use, so that the vehicle engine can be Keep working optimally.

4.) Check Car Components

Don't forget to keep checking Car components on a regular basis, including wipers, tires and lights. Get to know the characteristics components that already need to be replaced so that you can ensure the condition of the car Stay primed.

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