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Must Read! Outbound Boat Engine Buying Guide

Choosing an outboard boat engine is not an easy thing. Especially if you also don't really understand the ins and outs of supporting this water transportation. 

Before deciding to buy an outboard boat engine, here are some important things that must be considered. Check out this summary of Suzuki Marine for those of you who intend to buy a new outboard boat engine.

Must Read! Outbound Boat Engine Buying Guide

Determine & Size

The main thing to pay attention to before choosing an outboard boat engine is to find out the various types of engines that are distinguished from their size first. Make sure you choose a boat motor that suits your needs and also the specifications of your boat. 

For hobby needs such as fishing, watersport or just sailing in a small boat, you can choose a small or portable outboard engine. As for larger ships, you can choose medium to large sizes offered by Suzuki Marine. Also check the specifications offered such as how efficient the fuel is used, the output produced by the engine how much to the weight of the engine.

Select Engine Type

The outboard boat engines on the market are of 2 types. There are 2-stroke outboard boat engines and 4-stroke outboard boat engines. Outboard boat engines are famous for their light weight and are easy to carry anywhere. 

But unfortunately this engine has more exhaust gases, as well as a less efficient combustion system. So now, the engine of the 2-stroke outboard boat has slowly begun to be abandoned. Meanwhile, the 4-stroke boat engine is considered to have engine performance that is no less tough than the 2-stroke engine. 

The combustion system is more sophisticated, resulting in a smoother pull and also remains fuel efficient. And last but not least, the engine of the outboard ship 4 is no more environmentally friendly.

Consider Your Long-Term Pricing & Operating Costs

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Maybe you can find a boat engine at an affordable price. But before rushing to buy it, make sure you have taken into account daily operational costs including long-term maintenance costs that will be needed such as oil change costs, 

spare parts shopping and repair costs. Currently, outboard boat engines on the market are priced at varying prices, in Suzuki Marine itself small outboard boat engines are offered with prices starting from Rp. 19 million.

Performance Test

Another important thing to know before buying an outboard boat engine is to know its performance. How much horsepower will be produced, you can usually check on your outboard boat engine manual. But keep in mind, the amount of power produced is usually not directly proportional to efficiency. 

The greater the horsepower produced, the more fuel consumption will undoubtedly. Therefore, choose an outboard boat engine that has the latest features such as an outboard boat engine from Suzuki Marine. 

With a variety of modern technologies, Suzuki offers boat engines with better fuel consumption. So you can afford to travel longer distances with lower RPM and less fuel.

Easy Access to Maintenance

In addition to the reasons above, also consider the ease of maintenance of your boat engine. The goal is of course to maintain the condition of your outboard boat engine so that it is always prime and can have a longer service life. 

Entrust your choice to buy an outboard boat engine at Suzuki Marine, not only has a wide selection of boat engines as needed but also access qualified after-sales service. 

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