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The Best Cheap Overseas Shipping Service

Cheap overseas shipping services can provide the best service for you, but don't let you make the wrong choice of service provider. Sending goods abroad is indeed quite risky, because it takes longer and the risk of damage to the goods occurs.

Of course, as a sender or recipient of a package, there are certain concerns that you will feel. Therefore, it is very important in choosing a service provider, consumers need to sort things out well, and it would be better to compare between delivery service providers.

In order not to be mistaken in choosing a cheap overseas shipping service provider, we can provide the best recommendations that will not disappoint you. Maybe consumers can easily find a service provider, but have you found the best one.

Consumers must be more careful in this era, especially now that you can find delivery services via the internet. So it is not difficult to find a trusted and experienced freight forwarding service, this convenience is what consumers should take advantage of.

The Best Cheap Overseas Shipping Service

Advantages of Air Cargo for Cheap Overseas Freight Forwarding Services

When sending goods abroad, using air cargo becomes one of the most preferred methods of delivery. Because of the long distance, to save time, we can take advantage of air cargo so that goods can arrive on time or faster.

1. Low Risk

One of the advantages consumers will get, if they use cheap overseas goods delivery services via air, is that it has a fairly low risk compared to other delivery lines, and it can be said that the air delivery line is indeed reliable.

With better reliability, of course, consumers will feel safer if they entrust their goods to the delivery service provider. In addition, consumers can also track the whereabouts of their packages online, so you don't have to worry during the delivery process.

2. Global Reach

Because the air route is indeed more flexible in getting to a place, of course the aircraft has a global reach, so it is very suitable if you use this line as a route for shipping goods abroad, because almost all places can be addressed.

There are no more restrictions for consumers, if you want to send packages to even the farthest countries, but there are indeed things you should know too, that air delivery lines do cost higher, but besides that this method has its own advantages.

3. Super Fast

Another advantage possessed by cheap overseas freight forwarding services is that the delivery time of goods is very fast, because the delivery of goods abroad travels long distances, usually the normal time needed can last up to 30 days or more.

But if consumers use air delivery, then the time can be cut to only 48 hours or 2 days, which is one of the advantages that you can't get with other delivery lines.

Use Reliable Cheap Overseas Shipping Services

Cheap tariffs are indeed an indicator for consumers, in choosing a product or service. But don't make these indicators the only way you choose cargo services, because there are many other indicators that determine consumers.

One of them is the speed of delivery and the safety of goods, because even if the goods arrive on time but the conditions are not as before, of course you will be more disadvantaged. Therefore, be more selective in choosing cheap overseas shipping services from RKP Logostic.

Because the delivery time lasts longer, you yourself need to pack the package well, plus packing from the service provider which can increase the security of your package when it arrives at the destination country, for this depends on the service provider's policy.

Usually they will provide a wooden box or Styrofoam to wrap the package, if you want to wrap the package even safer. For glassware, for example, safer and thicker packaging is needed, so that the goods are not easily damaged even if they are bumped.

Find a cheap overseas freight forwarding service for you, not only prioritizing speed in delivery but also the safety of customer packages. Make sure that the service provider can meet your needs, and keep the package safe at its destination.

As a consumer, it would be best if you search for more information as well, in order to be able to determine the right delivery path for your package. That way consumers can also be more confident, in choosing the best delivery service provider.

Things You Must Know when Sending Goods by Sea

Each delivery line does have its own risks, as do sea lanes, which are usually more often used to transport heavy-weight packages. In the following, we will discuss, what things consumers need to know from sea lane shipping.

1. Shipping Costs

Cheap overseas freight forwarding services can also be by sea using a ship, although the delivery time can last longer because it is influenced by the weather, but you can get its own advantages, such as one of them is the delivery fee.

If you are worried about the high cost of using the air route, then with the sea route, the cost charged is indeed lower and fairly economical. So that the shipping route via sea can be another option for consumers, if constrained by high tariffs.

2. Flexible

When compared to other delivery lines, sea lanes are more flexible in sending various types of goods. Such as packages that contain chemicals and so on, but need to be readjusted to the delivery service provider.

3. Has Two Routes

Another advantage of cheap overseas shipping services via sea is that delivery using ships has two routes, namely Tramper and Linear. Ships that go through linear routes usually have a predetermined cost, destination and schedule.

So that consumers can make an estimate of the cost and time the goods arrive, while the Tramper route has changing costs, schedules and destinations, usually influenced by certain factors, this route allows you to get cheaper fares or costs.

4. More Space Available

Another plus is that shipping using ships has a larger space, therefore many companies that transport heavy loads prefer to use sea lanes. So we highly recommend this delivery method, if you want to send goods with large weights or dimensions.

Take Advantage of Cheap Overseas Shipping Services for You

If you have the opportunity to use a freight forwarder, we recommend that you can determine the delivery service of goods from RKP Logostic. Moreover, when sending goods abroad, you need a trusted delivery service.

Do not let the goods not arrive at their destination, or damage occurs when they arrive at the recipient. Although service providers provide guarantees to users of their services, if you are a seller, then the name of your store or business will be ugly in the eyes of consumers.

Therefore we recommend for you to use the services of RKP Logistics, we established this business for a long time and already have many customers. So you don't need to hesitate in using our services, because all the manpower you have is ensured to be professional.

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