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Tips to Make MPV Cars Fuel Efficient

Tips to Make MPV Cars Fuel Efficient

MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle) cars are a popular choice for families who want a comfortable and flexible vehicle. Having a fuel-efficient MPV car, of course, is the dream of many people. 

However, with so much distance traveled every day, especially if you often carry a lot of passengers in an MPV car, of course, extra maintenance is needed to be able to make your vehicle a fuel-efficient MPV car. Here are some ways to improve fuel efficiency in MPV cars:

Regular Maintenance

Doing routine maintenance on the car is one way to make the MPV car fuel efficient. This includes performing routine maintenance such as oil changes, air filters, checking appropriate tire pressure and more. 

With regular maintenance, you can find out if there is a problem before more severe damage occurs, thus saving repair costs. In addition, doing regular service will also help maintain the quality and performance of your car, so you can experience a more comfortable and safe trip. 

Most importantly, with excellent car condition, fuel efficiency will increase. So that your vehicle can be a fuel-efficient MPV car.

Keeping the Speed Constant

You can use this method to make MPV cars fuel efficient. Because by maintaining a constant speed, you can make engine performance more stable and transmission and engine rotation more optimal. In addition, by maintaining a constant speed, the engine temperature will also be more stable.

Set Braking

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Regulating braking well can optimize braking efficiency and reduce the consumption of fuel used for braking. Avoid sudden braking or in a rough way to help improve the fuel efficiency of your MPV car.

Pay Attention to the Payload

MPV cars are synonymous with cars that can be versatile both carrying many passengers to luggage. To keep the MPV car fuel efficient, you can pay attention to the load load every time you drive. 

Avoid carrying excess passengers or too much luggage. Because, cars that carry additional loads have to work harder to drive these additional loads, so fuel consumption is wasteful. Keeping the weight of the car light by not carrying unnecessary items will help improve fuel efficiency.

Optimize Fuel Pump

The fuel pump is in charge of flowing fuel from the tank to the combustion system of the car engine. One way to optimize the function of the fuel pump so that the car is more fuel efficient is to maintain a good condition of the fuel pump 

and ensure that the fuel pressure released is in accordance with the specifications specified by the factory. In addition, maintaining good engine condition, performing routine maintenance, and maintaining air pressure in tires can also help in optimizing the function of the fuel pump.

Buy MPV Cars That Are Famous for Being Fuel Efficient

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Those of you who really crave an efficient MPV car, can immediately buy a car that does have a reputation as a fuel-efficient MPV car like the Suzuki Ertiga for example. 

Suzuki Ertiga uses a K15B gasoline engine with a capacity of 1.5 liters combined with variable valve timing (VVT) technology which makes the engine more efficient in converting fuel into power.

It is also supported by its relatively light weight which makes the car easier to run and requires less power to drive. The car is also equipped with several features that can help optimize fuel efficiency,

 such as Eco mode and start-stop feature. With this advantage, it's no wonder that the Suzuki Ertiga is one of the best-selling cars released by Suzuki that is so popular.

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