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Avoid Accidents in the Rainy Season, Pay Attention to These 5 Tips!

Season Rain can be a challenge for drivers, especially since Slippery roads and limited visibility. However, with the following few steps, You can stay safe while driving in the rainy season.

Next 5 tips for safe driving in the rainy season:

1.) Check the Condition of the Car Before Driving

Before you leave, make sure the lights are your vehicle is in good condition and make sure the windshield wipers are in good condition and the back can sweep the water perfectly. Also, check your tires for ensuring that the condition is not deflated and not bare, so that it can still be grips the road surface well even in slippery conditions. Refer the characteristics of tires that have to be replaced HERE.

2.) Set the Vehicle Pace

Maintaining the pace of the vehicle is very important when driving in the rainy season. Too high a speed can cause lose control of your vehicle, especially on slippery roads. Besides that, avoid braking suddenly or turning quickly, because of this may cause loss of control of your vehicle.

3.) Keep Your Distance From Other Vehicles

Make sure you maintain a distance that enough with other vehicles when driving in the rainy season. More distance gives you more time to react if the vehicle is in front You make sudden braking or there is a traffic jam in front of you.

4.) Use Lights

Lamps are a very important tool when driving in the rainy season. Use headlights to make your vehicle easier seen by other motorists. In addition, use brake lights or turn signals to give a signal to other vehicles if you are about to stop or Change lanes, or turn on hazard lights in an emergency.

5.) Bring Emergency Equipment

Always carry emergency equipment such as umbrellas, spare tires, and safety triangles in your vehicle while driving in the rainy season. This will help you deal with possible problems when driving in bad weather, such as a flat tire or breaking down in the middle trip.

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