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Long Distance Driving? Must Prepare These 4 Things Before Departure!

Long Distance Driving Must Prepare These 4 Things Before Departure

Traveling long distances is certainly different from traveling within the city. Apart from needing a healthy physique, you also need to be more alert and make preparations to anticipate things that might happen on the trip.

To make your long-distance trips run safely and comfortably, consider the following tips:

1.  Check the Condition of the Car 

Before driving, you must check the condition of the car to ensure its eligibility. Components that need to be checked include engine oil, car tires, car engines and wipers. To find out how to do a car inspection yourself, CLICK HERE.

2. Learn the Route Before Departure 

Before starting your trip, you should check the route that will be taken through an application such as Google Maps or Waze. This is useful to find out whether the route chosen by the application is in accordance with your preferences: does the route pass through narrow village roads but reaches the destination faster, or passes through the main road but arrives at the destination slower? Does the route have lots of bends and climbs, or is there an alternative route? By recognizing alternative routes, you can choose the best route to avoid panic when maps direct you to a road that doesn't suit your preferences. 

3. Make sure you have enough gasoline and e-toll balance 

The third thing that you have to make sure of is the availability of gasoline, which is often overlooked but is very important on a trip. This is because not all routes you take provide gas stations, so it is recommended that you fill up the gas until it is full before starting your journey. Apart from that, you also need to ensure that you have enough e-Toll balance to reach your destination, and it is better if your smartphone is equipped with a Near Field Communication (NFC) feature so that you can top up your e-Toll balance anywhere.

4. Prepare an Emergency Number 

Another important thing to consider is setting up an emergency number as a prelude in case anything unpleasant happens while traveling. You can save hospital numbers, police numbers and the Honda Experience emergency number by calling 0800-1446-632 (press 1) so they can help you if your car breaks down in the middle of the road.

Through Experience Honda, you can get emergency services as follows:

  1. Vehicle battery checking and replacement services
  2. Tire replacement service
  3. Service keys left in the vehicle
  4. Service for refueling a maximum of 5 liters for vehicles that break down on the road due to running out of gas
  5. If it can't be handled on the spot, then the Experience Honda team will provide towing services to the nearest Honda Dealer

Prior to that, there were terms and conditions that drivers had to pay attention to when using Experience Honda services. These provisions are as follows:

  1. As long as the vehicle is still under warranty, customers will get free service with a maximum distance of 50 km from the nearest Honda Dealer location. If the distance is more than 50 km, an additional fee will be informed to the customer.
  2. If the vehicle is on the toll road, the customer can call Jasa Marga's towing service for assistance to get to the nearest toll exit and then the Experience Honda team can provide towing facilities from the toll exit to the nearest Honda Dealer.
  3. For vehicles whose warranty period has expired, you can still contact the Experience Honda service at a cost that will be informed to the customer.

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