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5 Easy Steps to Maintain Your Car's Cooling System

The car cooling system is a variety of components that work to keep the temperature in the car engine normal. This system will work when the car engine has reached a certain temperature.

To do its job, the cooling system itself consists of several components such as radiators, water pumps, thermostats, radiator fans which also affect the function of car air conditioners, reservoir tubes, 

radiator hoses to radiator backup tanks. In order to work optimally and optimally, your entire cooling system must be regularly maintained. Here are 5 ways you can take care of the cooling system in a car. Check out the summary from Suzuki Indonesia below!

5 Easy Steps to Maintain Your Car's Cooling System

Check the Air Filter

The air filter has a considerable role to play in the cooling system of the car. As the name suggests, this component functions to filter clean air into the combustion system. If the filter is very dirty, of course, the quality of the air entering the car also decreases. 

This dirty air not only reduces the performance of the cooling system, but can also cause the car to waste fuel. Do regular cleaning of the air filter, especially when entering the rainy season like today. Because during the rainy season the air filter tends to be at risk of being clogged with larger debris.

Car Park In The Shade

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Although it sounds trivial, simple things such as storing or parking the car in a place that is not exposed to direct sun also affect the performance of the car's cooling system. Parking the car in a shaded place such as a garage can help reduce the workload of the cooling system extimetically.

Check Radiator Fluid

As one of the important components in the car cooling system, the radiator needs coolant in a level according to indicators and of good quality. It is this coolant that will help maximize the performance of the radiator in cooling the engine. 

Make sure you always check the quantity and quality of radiator fluid every time before driving so that your trip does not experience problems. Use liquids specially formulated radiators or coolants, avoid using ordinary water on radiators except during emergencies.

Check the air conditioner

One of the indicators that the car cooling system has good performance is a healthy and cold car air conditioner. Damage or problems in the cooling system, for example a malfunctioning radiator fan can affect ac performance. So if you want to find out if your car's cooling system is still in top condition, you can test it by starting the engine and car air conditioner only.

Perform Periodic Service

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The car cooling system has components that are quite complicated to be repaired by yourself. If you are experiencing symptoms of problems with your car, instead of finding out for yourself through tutorials circulating on social media and trying to fiddle with yourself without sufficient understanding of the components, you better take your car to an official Suzuki repair shop. 

Experienced professional technicians will be happy to help you check your car's overall cooling system and provide maintenance as needed. Immediately visit the nearest official Suzuki repair shop in your city so that your driving comfort is maintained.

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