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Here Are 4 Reasons Why You Should Keep Changing Oil Even Though The Car Is Rarely Used!

Here Are 4 Reasons Why You Should Keep Changing Oil Even Though The Car Is Rarely Used!

During PPKM, activities become limited and cars park at home more often. However, you also need to keep maintaining the car at home so that it remains in prime condition. One of the components that must be routinely checked and replaced is engine oil.

It turns out that, although the car is rarely used, the engine oil must still be changed according to the time listed in the vehicle manual. This is because engine oil has 4 very important benefits for vehicles, including:

1.) To Reduce Friction

The engine of a vehicle basically consists of several moving and rubbing parts against each other. Well, this is where oil plays a role to reduce the effect of such friction so that the engine does not work too hard. If the engine components do not get enough lubrication, the engine will wear out quickly so that the car's performance will decrease and not be optimal. In fact, the car can experience engine drops or breaks down if the oil is not changed periodically.

2.) To Cool the Engine

Friction between components in a car engine generates a fairly high heat temperature. In addition, heat is also generated when combustion occurs in the engine room. In the process, the oil is in charge of cooling engine components, especially pistons and cylinder walls by absorbing heat. As a result, the temperature in the car engine will be maintained and avoid overheating or excessive heat.

3.) To Prevent Rust

As is known, the components of a car engine are mostly made of metal. Therefore, the engine requires quality oil to prevent rust on the metal surface. This is where the role of lubricants that function to coat car components to maintain their performance and durability.

4.) To Clean the Machine

In addition to reducing friction between components, the oil is in charge of cleaning the engine. When circulating, the oil will carry or push any dirt, such as residual combustion carbon or metal particles due to friction into the oil reservoir (Oil Pan). In the Oil Pan, the impurities will be filtered and collected by the magnets that have been installed.

Considering that the function of engine oil is one of the important components for vehicles, engine oil changes must be carried out regularly in accordance with the periodic maintenance schedule contained in the vehicle manual.

 • Normal Condition: Change every 6 months or 10,000 KM

 • Severe Condition: Change every 3 months or 5,000 KM

 • For turbo engines: Replace when the oil life indicator is on or every 6 months

In addition to the oil change schedule, the quality of the oil used is also very important. So to ensure that the oil is guaranteed authenticity and in accordance with vehicle specifications, do an oil change at an authorized Honda repair shop which you can check HERE.

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