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How to Replace Motor Brake Fluid Without Going to the Repair Shop

How to Replace Motor Brake Fluid Without Going to the Repair Shop
How to Replace Motor Brake Fluid Without Going to the Repair Shop

Sciipy - Have you ever experienced a no-fitr front brake? In fact, when checked, the lining is still thick and good. This can happen due to brake fluid being mixed with air and reduced. Now, you don't need to go to the workshop to deal with it. Because here, it will be explained how to change the motor brake fluid that you can do yourself at home.

In addition to the usual type of motorbike, it is also suitable as a way to change the brake fluid of an automatic motorcycle. Basically, how to replace it is relatively easy. Anyone can do it themselves without the need to go to the workshop.

Why Should Brake Fluid Be Replaced?

There are several reasons why you should change the brake fluid of the motor. Here are some reasons you need to know:

  • To avoid a reduced volume of brake fluid inside the reservoir. Check-in advance to confirm the capacity. If the volume decreases, please replace it with a new one.
  •  Serves to clean the brake hydraulic channel on the motor. That way, the brake performance will be optimal again.
  •  The more you use the motor, the quality of the motor brake fluid will decrease. If it is already like this, then it must be replaced immediately.
  • Brakes are an important component in vehicles, in particular motors. Therefore, every vehicle owner is obliged to pay attention to the quality and volume of brake fluid. The goal is to make the motor comfortable and safe when used.

How to Change Motor Brake Fluid

Here's an explanation of how to add motor brake fluid or replace it. Without lingering, let's take a peek at the steps to replace it:

1. Prepare the Tools Needed

Before getting into how to change the rear brake fluid of the motor, prepare the following equipment:

  • Container for collecting used brake fluid.
  • Prepare a new brake fluid. It can be a type of DOT 3 or DOT 4. The price of motor brake fluid is quite diverse depending on the quality and brand.
  • Screwdriver plus for the opening part of the reservoir.
  • Prepare ring key number 10. Its function is to open the nipple bleeder.
  • Washcloth to clean the brake fluid spill on the motor body.
  • A small hose to drain used brake fluid from the motor.

2. Steps to Replace Brake Fluid

Unlike how to change car brake fluid, for a motorbike, it is quite easy. Here are the steps:

  • Put a rag on the reservoir section on the right motor handlebar. The goal is that the brake fluid spill does not hit the motor body.
  • Take a hose, then attach it to the nipple bleeder. This hose serves to drain the brake fluid. To install it, first, unscrew the bleeder bolt cover. Then install it, then the end of the hose is placed on the used brake fluid container.
  • Turn the nipple bleeder bolt to loosen. Please throw the used brake fluid into the prepared container. Make sure everything comes out there is no left. A sign that everything has been drained, the brakes will feel unsteady or light.
  • Take a screwdriver, then unscrew the reservoir screws. Well, this reservoir, is a tank for storing brake fluid reserves. It is located on the right side of the motorcycle handlebar. The shape is square. Be careful when opening it so that the oil does not soil the motor body.
  • Next, please put the new brake fluid into the reservoir earlier. Make sure you pour it slowly. Because brake fluid contains acidic substances. This content can make the paint peel off easily.
  • After entering all, shake the brake lever, do it many times. Perform this step while the bleeder bolt condition is still open. The goal is for the oil to enter the maximum into the hydraulic channels that are in the reservoir.
  • Please close the nipple bleeder if it has entered everything.
  • Defecate on disc brakes. How to exhaust the brakes of motor discs, is quite easy. Please shake the brake lever a few times until it feels heavy. If it is heavy, hold the lever then unscrew the bolts of the bleeder. After that, the wind inside will come out.

That's how to change the brake fluid of the motor, it's easy without having to go to the repair shop. Interested in trying it out? Come on, prepare the equipment, and follow the steps above.

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