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Benefits of Parking Sensors for Everyday

Benefits of Parking Sensors for Everyday

The existence of parking sensors used to only exist in luxury cars, but with the development of the times this feature can be found in the latest cars. Starting from family cars, hatchback cars, to SUV cars have been equipped with capable parking sensors. 

This feature, which is also familiarly called the reverse sensor, is a safety support feature. This feature consists of a device that is installed on the back of the car so that it is able to detect if there are objects close to the back of the car. With the help of car parking sensors can reduce the risk of hitting an invisible area of the driver at the rear.

There are two types of parking sensors circulating today, namely electromagnetic and ultrasonic parking sensors. Electromagnetic parking sensors work by using electromagnetic waves in sensors shaped like blankets. 

While the ultrasonic parking sensor uses ultrasonic waves emitted by 4 to 6 sensors attached to the rear bumper of the car. Both types of sensors are useful for detecting invisible objects from the car cabin and avoiding collisions with cars.

Parking sensors on cars have several functions that are important for driving safety. In fact, this parking sensor is one of the mandatory components in every car. Here are some of the functions of car parking sensors:

Giving warnings

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Parking sensors on cars are very useful for alerting the driver if there are other objects or vehicles approaching from behind the car. Parking sensors are located on the front and rear bumpers of the car. When there is a risk of a collision that is not visible to the driver, the sensor will automatically alert the driver.

Preventing collisions

This sensor will provide a warning with a louder sound when the car approaches other objects or vehicles in the vicinity. Parking sensors on cars also function to prevent collisions that can damage the car or even threaten the safety of car users. This sensor prevents the collision of the car with other objects or vehicles in the vicinity.

Easy parking in tight spaces

In addition, parking sensors help the driver to park the car in a narrow place more easily. The presence of this sensor indirectly sharpens the driver's sensitivity to the distance and surroundings, especially when parking in tight places. The sensor also gives a signal if the parking distance is too close to the parking boundary or another car.

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