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Practical Tips on How to Fix Your Motor Gasoline Indicator

Practical Tips on How to Fix Your Motor Gasoline Indicator
Practical Tips on How to Fix Your Motor Gasoline Indicator

The gasoline indicator is very important because from this part can be known the contents of the available gas tanks. You also have to take good care of it. However, if it is forced that this tool does not work, do not worry. There are practical tips on how to fix the gasoline indicator of your motor.

Inspection Steps

To fix the gasoline indicators on the motor, you must conduct a thorough inspection before repairs are carried out. Here are some parts that need to be checked for further repairs.

1. Battery Condition

The battery is the main source of energy so that the gasoline indicator on the motor turns on. It is certain, that it is impossible for the gasoline indicator to move if the battery is damaged or soaked. To find out the condition of the battery, you can do it by honking the horn or pressing the starter button.

2. Buoys

If the condition of the battery on your motorbike is still suitable for use, the second step is to check the gasoline float. To check the condition of the float, you need to open the seat. Next, open the iron device near the gasoline lid with a screwdriver.

3. Power Grid

Another part that you need to check before fixing the motor gasoline indicator is the electrical network cable. Check the power cord line that drives the gasoline indicator needle.

For example, check from the battery to the fuse to the ignition, then the speedometer, to the float. To find out the condition of the electrical wiring network, you can check it using a current measuring device.

4. PCB Parts

The PCB parts you also need to check. To check the PCB, you need to open the gasoline sensor that is on the tank. Check and make sure the PCB parts are in a clean condition or not rusty.

Rust on the PCB can cause the gasoline indicator to not function optimally. To avoid rust, you should use pure gasoline that does not mix with lead. Or, keep your motor tank from getting water in.

5. Buoyancy

Often called buoyancy of the miner, which is always floating and its position is on gasoline. This section gives a signal to the gasoline indicator. You have to make sure whether this device is still floating or not. Also, check the gasoline indicator on the speedometer. To do this, connect the gasoline sensor to the cable to the indicator.

6. Speedometer

The speedometer is also the part that you need to check before repairs to the gasoline indicator are made. There is certainly damage to the speedometer if all of the above parts are in normal condition, but the gasoline indicator needle is abnormal.

The speedometer includes motor spare parts that are quite difficult to repair. So, in case of damage, it is recommended that you replace it with a new one. However, if there is minor damage such as a broken cable, you can repair it yourself.

Remedial Steps

If the gasoline indicator part of your motorbike is not working properly, it means that there is a problem with the float. Here's how to practically fix the motor gasoline indicator.

  • You must first open the gasoline indicator float.
  • If the float is already open, you need to release the silence that serves to hold the buoy wire.
  • Next, remove the float wire.
  • In this section, there is a copper cable tongue whose position is connected to the buoy rod.
  • Because it has been used for a long time, the cable tongue will usually wear out. This is what results in the cable tongue not sticking, causing the gasoline indicator to have problems.
  • To overcome the condition of the worn cable tongue, you must bend the cable tongue again so that it can stick. To attach the cable tongue, there are soldering tenols that can be used.
  • The next step is for the float and the socket to be reassembled.
  • To test its success, you need to move it up and down. If your efforts to repair the gasoline buoy are successful then the gasoline indicator will move.
  • The last step of how to fix the gasoline indicator part is to reinstall the gasoline indicator float.

It turns out that it is not particularly difficult if you have already figured out how to correctly fix the gasoline indicator. You just have to follow the steps above. It is guaranteed that the gasoline indicator of your motor will return to normal.

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