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Here's How to Park Properly to Make the Car Last Longer!

Here's How to Park Properly to Make the Car Last Longer!

In addition to regularly checking car components and applying a good way of driving, you also need to park the car correctly so that the car lasts longer. Actually, there are 3 important things to pay attention to when parking a car, especially when you are going to leave the car for a long time. Let's read the following tips!

A. Release the Handbrake When Parking

Air temperature and humidity can cause sticking between the brake pad and the brake disc, so when you remove the hand/foot brake, the rear wheels are still locked. This usually happens in the condition of vehicles that have just been washed and parked for a long time.

To avoid this, do the following:

1. Park your car on a flat road

2.) If your vehicle transmission is automatic, position the transmission lever in position P

3.) If the vehicle has manual transmission, position the transmission lever in the 1st or R gear position

B.  Ensure Safe Parking from Wild Animals

Rats and similar animals are very fond of nesting in the engine room area of vehicles and have the potential to damage materials made of rubber and plastic. In fact, damage caused by the animal can cause electrical system failure if the vehicle's electrical installation / wiring is broken due to a rat bite.


1. When parking, close the car's air conditioning vents so that insects do not get into the cabin.

2. Make sure the parking lot area has no garbage or food residue that can invite the animal.

C. Park the Car in a Roofed Place

To make the condition of the car more durable, if you are going to leave the car for a long time, you should also avoid parking in a place that is exposed to direct sunlight or rain.

As a result, the color of the car paint will fade faster and dull the appearance of flex or mold on the exterior of the vehicle, high temperatures also have the potential to make the rubber in the wipers can also harden and be damaged. Inelastic wiper rubber can also make the car glass scratch.

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