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5 Mistakes When Washing Your Own Motorcycle At Home

5 Mistakes When Washing Your Own Motorcycle At Home
5 Mistakes When Washing Your Own Motorcycle At Home

Sciipy - Washing the motorbike is a routine habit that is carried out in order to maintain cleanliness as well as routine maintenance. Like humans, the motor also needs to be washed to keep it clean, especially during the rainy season. The condition of the motorbike will make the appearance of two-wheeled vehicles even fresher. Not only that, with a clean appearance, the rider will certainly be more confident when riding it.

If the motorbike is too dirty and there are many sticking stains that are not cleaned immediately, it can cause scratches on the motor body. Although washing a motorcycle is a common thing to do at home, there are not a few bikers who are unaware of making mistakes.

Do you usually wash the motorbike from top to bottom, you should start replacing this habit from now on. Want to know more trivial mistakes when washing the motorbike? Let's look at the following review.

1. Do not wash the motor from top to bottom

Washing the motor should be done at the bottom first to focus more on cleaning the dirtiest parts first. After that, just climb to the top of the motor body. Laundry soap for the bottom and top of the motor should be distinguished, because at the bottom of the motor there will be many parts such as arms, rims, tires and drills and chains containing oil. This certainly makes soapy water easily dirty.

2. Do not wash the motor while the engine is still hot

Avoid washing the motor while the engine is still hot. If it has just been driven, then let the engine cool down first. The risk of washing the motor in a hot state that is directly splashed with water can damage the block.

In the laws of physics, if iron or metal is in a hot state and then water is splashed, expansion will occur. When the hot engine is directly splashed with water, there will be a forced cooling process that makes metal parts crack.

3. Do not immediately wipe the body of the motor

Washing the motorbike by directly wiping the body of the motorbike can make scratches. You should water it with water first so that the sand attached to the top is shedding and then just wipe it with soapy water. On the legs of the motor should also be sprayed with water first.

4. Do not spray the motor chain with high-pressure water

Spraying the motor chain with high-pressure water can make the lubricant that coats the chain fall off, thereby reducing motor performance. Another risk, the motor parts around the chain that are exposed to lubricant spots from the chain can also leave stains that are difficult to clean. Watering too much water in the chain is also at risk of rusting easily and the chain is easily broken.

5. Do not flush the motor with excessive water

Flushing the machine with excessive water can damage the most sensitive components of the machine that should be waterproof so that water is entered. When water enters the motor fireplace, two-wheeled vehicles will be difficult to start. So be sure to clean the motor with enough water.

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