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5 Causes the Official Warranty Can Be Lost

5 Causes the Official Warranty Can Be Lost
5 Causes the Official Warranty Can Be Lost

Sciipy- The purchase of a car or motorcycle from an authorized dealer is always equipped with a warranty to provide consumers with a guarantee of the quality of vehicle products. Unfortunately, these guarantees could be in danger of failing to be claimed for not complying with applicable rules. Please note, the warranty guarantee only applies when carrying out periodic maintenance at an authorized workshop. So it should be noted, the official warranty may fall and consumers cannot enjoy it due to carelessness or other causes.

According to Totok Yulianto, Head of 4W Service Administration of PT Suzuki Indomobil Sales (SIS), several reasons can be the cause of the official warranty falling and cannot be claimed, including the following.

1. Do not visit an authorized workshop to carry out periodic maintenance according to the specified time

For vehicle owners who purchased from an authorized dealer, carrying out maintenance at a designated authorized repair shop is a must. This is because the work is carried out in accordance with applicable standards and procedures.

Another reason for having to carry out maintenance at an authorized workshop periodically is so that potential damage is detected early so that repairs can be made appropriately.

For mutual convenience between buyers and vehicle manufacturers, consumers are advised to read the warranty manual and procedures carefully. Consumers are also required to know if the official warranty may not apply because the consumer does not carry out maintenance periodically at a designated authorized repair shop or it could be due to damage to use that does not comply with the instruction manual. So make sure it is subject to the applicable conditions and rules, so that the warranty can still be claimed to the vehicle manufacturer.

2. The use of unoriginable parts that result in damage and modification beyond the standard

Sometimes consumers are tempted to make modifications by replacing unofficial parts or adding accessories to newly purchased vehicles. The goal may be good so that the appearance of the vehicle looks different from others.

However, it should be noted, changes to the engine, body parts, electricity, frame numbers and engines or other things that are not up to standards done outside the official workshop can make the warranty disappear. So make sure to consider carefully before making changes to the newly purchased vehicle so that you can still enjoy the warranty.

3. Damage from accidents and natural disasters

Please note, the official warranty does not apply if the vehicle experiences an accident or damage due to natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes and so on.

In addition, vehicles that have worn out or damage to the paint surface due to the impact of gravel or scratches to the beret also cannot be claimed.

4. Use of vehicles that do not meet specifications

Another cause that makes the vehicle warranty cannot be claimed is the use of vehicles that do not match the specifications, capacity and speed. The transfer of the function of this vehicle can forfeit the official warranty because it does not comply with the use of the initial specifications.

5. Parts that wear out or run out due to use

The spare parts warranty does not apply to parts that have worn out or expired due to use within a certain period of time. A series of spare parts this one includes spark plugs, air filters, tires, engine oil, oil filters, V-belts or Drive belts, and so on.

In order to know more about the warranty and to avoid warranty loss, consumers are expected to read the warranty card manual carefully to protect the vehicle from unwanted things.

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