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Earthquakes While Driving, What to Do?

Earthquakes While Driving, What to Do?

A few days ago, an earthquake magnitude 6.6 occurred in Banten city, with a noticeable tremor to several surrounding cities. If you are inside room, of course the first thing that needs to be done is to go out and take shelter in safe place. However, what to do if an earthquake occurs when Are you driving a car? Check out the following steps!

1.) Pay attention The Situation Around You

Vibrations produced by earthquakes may not be so pronounced when you drive a car, as it is muffled by suspension. However, you can pay attention to the objects around you to find out In the event of an earthquake, such as poles or trees swaying together. Do not panic and stop the car slowly.

2.) Pulling over in the Open

When enough vibrations are felt big, pull over immediately in a safe place. Do not brake sudden because it can potentially cause collisions with vehicles behind you. Brake the car slowly while turning on the turn signal, and pull over in the open. Avoid parking near objects that are prone to collapse during an earthquake, such as parking next to buildings, billboards or trees in order your car is not crushed. Also avoid parking the car over the bridge because potentially collapsed.

3.) Search Information

Immediately turn on the radio in your car, or seek information from official bodies or trusted news portals through smartphone to monitor the current situation. Follow the instructions of the body authorities in the event of an emergency.

4.) Exit from Cars

If the earthquake that occurs is getting bigger, immediately bring valuables and leave your car. Don't force continue the journey if the road is severely damaged by an earthquake or chaotic traffic. If there is a potential for a tsunami, immediately go to more plains high to save yourself.

During an earthquake, don't panic and Immediately pull over in the open until conditions are completely safe. Hopefully useful!

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