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To Be Safe, Here are Driving Tips for Pregnant Women

To Be Safe, Here are Driving Tips for Pregnant Women

There are times, because of a need that Urgently, pregnant women should drive their own cars to support their activities. Of course, driving a car while pregnant has several risks so you must Pay attention to several things for safety while driving, namely:

1.) Pay attention Gestational Age

When pregnancy passes through the tricemester thirdly, the belly will get bigger and bigger so you are not recommended to drive own car because there is a risk of impact that can endanger the mother and fetus. If the stomach is too big so you find it difficult when Sitting or going in and out of the car, it's best to avoid driving the car yourself.

2.) Stay Use Seat Belts

Even though you are pregnant, you must still use seat belts to maintain safety while driving. Position the upper seat belt past the middle of the chest and sides abdomen, while the lower seat belt is placed under the abdomen. Don’t placing the seat belt transversely in the middle of the abdomen because it is risky pressing on the abdomen when the seat belt tightens.

3.) Drive For Close Proximity Only

Expectant mothers are not advised to travel long distances, as it is feared to cause fatigue as well as The risk of sitting for too long can be harmful to health. Preferably pregnant women drive only for short distances, and be accompanied in the car if allow. Do not forget to occasionally do a short stretch, bring drink to prevent dehydration on the go and wear clothes and shoes that comfortable when driving.

4.) Gunakan Correct Driving Posture

When you want to drive, make sure the position the body is ergonomic enough, the back of the chair is not too upright or too leaning, and keeping the ideal distance between the body and the steering wheel of the car at least 25 cm. Also adjust the position of the steering wheel so that it is parallel to the chest, and does not lead to the stomach.

Although pregnant women can drive, but It is still advisable to be accompanied by the closest person and it is not recommended to drive for long distances, especially when the belly is getting bigger. Let's keep it up Drive safely while on the road!

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