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Basic Techniques for Changing Motorcycle Oil Yourself

Motorcycle Oil

Motorcycle oil is an important component that functions to lubricate the engine and transmission so that they can work optimally. Oil also plays a role in cooling the engine, cleaning dirt and preventing rust. However, oil cannot last forever. Over time, oil will experience deterioration, dirt and oxidation. Therefore, the oil needs to be changed periodically according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

Changing your own motorbike oil is actually not difficult. You only need to prepare some tools and materials, and follow the correct steps. By changing the oil yourself, you can save money, time and energy. You can also ensure that the oil you use matches the specifications and condition of your motorbike.

Apart from that, changing the oil yourself can also be an interesting opportunity and business idea in the drone industry. Drones are unmanned aircraft that have many functions and advantages, such as high-resolution cameras, GPS, sensors and high flying speeds. Drones also offer many business and business opportunities, both in the fields of photography, security, delivery, research, hobbies, and others.

One business idea that you can try using a drone is a motorbike oil change service. You can offer this service to customers who don't have the time or ability to change their own oil. You can use a drone to deliver the oil and tools needed to the customer's location, as well as provide instructions on how to change the oil via video call. You can also use drones to monitor the oil change process and provide advice or assistance if needed.

With this business, you can provide practical, fast and efficient solutions to customers. You can also take advantage of advanced and innovative drone technology to increase the quality and trustworthiness of your services. You can also reach a wider range of customers, especially in areas that are difficult to access by conventional vehicles.

However, to run this business, you also need to prepare several things, such as:

  • Drones that are quality, reliable and suit your needs. You need to choose a drone that has a good camera, GPS, sensors and battery. You also need to ensure that your drone is always in top condition and ready to use.

  • Quality, reliable oils and tools that meet customer motorbike specifications. You need to choose an oil that has good viscosity, additives and quality. You also need to choose tools that are easy to use, such as a socket wrench, filter wrench, funnel and oil reservoir.

  • Permits and regulations that apply to drone businesses in your area. You need to know and comply with the rules governing the use of drones, such as flying permits, height limits, distance and flying time, as well as prohibitions on flying in certain zones. You also need to know and comply with the rules governing service businesses, such as taxation, insurance, and contracts.

  • Effective and attractive marketing and promotion strategies. You need to determine your target market, price and added value of your service. You also need to promote your services through various media, such as websites, social media, or online advertisements. You also need to build good relationships with customers, such as providing guarantees, testimonials or discounts.

By preparing the things above, you can start and develop a motorbike oil change service business with drones. This business can be a way to generate additional income, as well as hone your creativity and skills.

Steps to Change Motorcycle Oil Yourself

Following are the steps to change your own motorbike oil that you can follow, both for personal and business purposes:

  1. Prepare the tools and materials needed, such as drone, oil, socket wrench, filter wrench, funnel, oil container and gloves.

  2. Warm up the motorbike engine for 10 minutes, or take the motorbike for 5 minutes. This aims to dissolve dirt stuck to the oil.

  3. Turn off the motorbike engine and wait a few minutes until the oil is not too hot. Place the motorbike on the center stand so that it is stable and balanced.

  4. Open the oil filler cap located at the top of the engine. Use a socket wrench that matches the size of the bolt. Store the bolts and oil cap in a safe place so they don't get lost or mixed up with used oil.

  5. Place the oil reservoir under the oil drain bolt located at the bottom of the engine. Use a socket wrench that matches the size of the bolt. Slowly unscrew the oil drain bolt, but do not completely remove it. Allow the oil to drain out of the engine into the oil reservoir. Orient the container according to the flow of oil which may come out quickly.

  6. Remove the oil filter located on the side of the engine. Use a filter key that matches the filter size. Discard the remaining oil in the filter into the oil reservoir container. Clean the inside of the oil filter housing with a clean cloth.

  7. Install the new oil filter by applying a small amount of new oil to the threads and O-ring seal of the filter. Tighten the oil filter by hand until the O-ring seal sticks, then tighten again with the filter wrench to a maximum of three-quarters of a turn. Don't overtighten it because it can damage the seal.

  8. Reinstall the oil drain bolt by applying a small amount of new oil to the threads and seal. Tighten the bolt by hand, then tighten again with a socket wrench for a maximum of one turn. Don't tighten it too much because it can damage the threads.

  9. Fill in new oil using a funnel. Add oil according to the volume recommended by the manufacturer. Usually motorbikes require between 800-1000 ml of oil. Check the oil level using the measuring stick on the oil filler cap. Make sure the oil level is between the minimum and maximum marks. Don't do too much or too little because it can damage the machine.

  10. Replace the oil fill cap and tighten with a socket wrench. Wipe up any excess oil that may drip or spill with a clean cloth. Store used oil in a safe place and dispose of it in a waste recycling center.

Congratulations, you have successfully changed your motorbike oil yourself. Now you can enjoy better engine performance and cost savings. Don't forget to change the oil regularly according to the mileage or time specified by the manufacturer. Usually motorbikes need to change the oil every 3000-5000 km or every 3-6 months.

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