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Be careful! This is The Effect of Motorcycle Tire Pressure Being Too High

Be careful! This is The Effect of Motorcycle Tire Pressure Being Too High

When talking about motorcycle maintenance, often the most visible thing is engine maintenance, electrical system, or even the external appearance of the motor. However, there is one aspect that is often forgotten, namely motorcycle tire pressure.

This is the importance of maintaining proper air pressure on motorcycle tires. In this article, we will discuss why giving motorcycle tire pressure too high is not recommended, and what can happen if the air pressure is too high.

Why the Right Air Pressure on Motorcycle Tires is So Important

One of the first things to understand is why the right air pressure on motorcycle tires is so important. It's not just about driving comfort, but also about tire safety and life.

What is the Air Pressure on a Good Motorcycle Tire?

The first question that is often asked is, "What is a good air pressure for my motorcycle tires?" The answers found were varied. Depending on the size, type and brand of motorcycle tires used.

What is the tire pressure of the front and rear motorcycles? Usually, the recommended air pressure can be found in your motorcycle owner's manual.

For example, the size of the pressure of tubeless motorcycle tires has a front tire pressure of around 30-32 psi (pounds per square inch) and a rear tire of around 32-36 psi. What is wind pressure psi?

psi stands for "Pounds per Square Inch," which is a unit of measurement of air pressure in vehicle tires, including motorcycles, cars, and bicycles.

It measures the amount of air pressure present on a tire per unit surface area in the shape of an inch square.

Signs of Overtight Tyres

How to tell if a motorcycle tire is too tight? There are several signs that can help to identify it. One of them is poor traction.

1. Driving Becomes Uncontrollable

When the pressure of a motorcycle tire is too high, it tends to slide when crossing slippery or rocky surfaces. This can reduce traction, thereby increasing the risk of accidents.

In addition, braking can also be a problem. An automatic tire wind that is too high can result in tires locking up faster when braking, which can adversely affect vehicle control.

2. Wind Pressure Causes Tyres to Wear Out

What are the consequences if the tire pressure is too high? Another impact of motorcycle tire pressure being too high is uneven tire wear.

The tire will hit the center with more pressure than the edge, which can reduce tire life significantly.

Uneven tire wear is one of the serious effects of too high air pressure on motorcycle tires. This happens because excessive wind pressure makes tires hit the road surface in an uneven way.

The center of the tire will receive more pressure than the edge, and this can result in differences in wear patterns.

In the long run, this uneven wear can significantly reduce tire life. Tires that experience uneven wear will be damaged faster, such as cracks or bumps on the tire surface.

This not only has an impact on tire performance, but can also potentially endanger driving safety.

3. Easy Motor Shake

In addition, unevenness in tire wear can affect the balance and stability of the motor. The motor may become difficult to control and can be more prone to accidents.

Therefore, maintaining appropriate air pressure on motorcycle tires is essential to ensure tire longevity and driving safety.

Always check and measure the air pressure on motorcycle tires according to the manufacturer's recommendations listed in the motorcycle owner's manual.

Thus, it can avoid the risk of uneven wear and ensure optimal driving performance and safety.

Measuring and Regulating Wind Pressure Correctly

These simple steps in measuring and regulating tire pressure on a motorcycle can have a huge impact on your driving performance and safety.

How to make sure the tire pressure on the motorcycle is in the right range?

  • First, have an air pressure gauge that can help measure the pressure on the tires. Measure the air pressure on motorcycle tires when the tire condition is cold.
  • Be sure to check the pressure on the front and rear tires, as they may be different.

If your tires are too high, the first step you need to take is to release a little air from the tires. Use an accurate wind pressure gauge to ensure appropriate pressure.

Conversely, if the tire pressure is too low, add air until it reaches the recommended pressure. This can be done using air pumps commonly available at repair shops or service stations.

Tips for Maintaining Air Pressure on Motorcycle Tires

How many times should I fill a motorcycle tire? So that your motorcycle tires are always in good performance, here are some tips that can be applied:

Make sure to maintain proper 90/80 motorcycle tire pressure on both front and rear tires.

Always check the pressure on the tyres before starting a trip, especially if the bike has not been used for a long time.

The air pressure in tires can fluctuate depending on temperature, so check periodically to ensure proper tire pressure at all times.

By maintaining appropriate air pressure, it will maximize motor performance and minimize the risk of problems related to tire pressure.

This is a simple but important step in motor maintenance, which will help in avoiding problems that can arise due to inappropriate wind pressure.

Always remember that proper air pressure on motorcycle tires is one of the key factors in maintaining driving comfort and safety.

Benefits of Maintaining Appropriate Wind Pressure

Maintaining appropriate air pressure on motorcycle tires has significant benefits. This not only improves traction and braking, but also extends tire life.

So, make sure to check and regulate the tire pressure on your motorcycle regularly. That way, you can enjoy a safer and more comfortable ride by using a motorcycle.

Don't forget to refer to the motorcycle owner's manual to find out the right wind pressure recommendations.


The more you care about your motorcycle tire pressure, the better the performance and safety of the vehicle. Be careful on the road!

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