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Here's the Right Way to Use the Auto Brake Hold Feature!

Here's the Right Way to Use the Auto Brake Hold Feature!

Now, the Auto Brake Hold feature has been present in several Honda car models such as the CR-V, HR-V, City Hatchback RS, Civic RS and Accord for a more practical driving experience. In short, this feature serves as a replacement for the handbrake for use when the car is stationary at red lights, descents and inclines. How to enable the correct Auto Brake Hold feature? Check out the following steps!

1.) Make sure that the driver's seat belt is fastened and your vehicle's engine is on so that the brake hold feature can be activated.

2.) Press the brake hold button until the green indicator light says Brake hold is on. This indicates that the brake hold system is ready to use. Activating or pressing the brake hold button can be done when the vehicle is stopped or on the road.

3.) When the brake pedal has been pressed and your vehicle stops perfectly, the brake hold indicator (letter "A") will light up. This letter "A" indicator is just below the brake hold indicator that has been lit before.

4.) After the letter "A" indicator light is on, you can remove the footrest from the brake pedal. The system will hold the brakes automatically for 10 minutes or until the accelerator is stepped on.

The brake hold system will automatically stop if:

1.) The machine is turned off

2.) The rider presses the accelerator

3.) The rider shifts gears to the P or N position

4.) Driver seat belts are not attached

5.) Braking with brake hold has been more than 10 minutes.

Keep in mind, this system is not recommended to be used when you park your vehicle or leave the vehicle for too long. If you are going to park or leave the vehicle, you should activate the parking brake and move the transmission lever in the P position.

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