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Beware, These Are 7 Causes Of A Car Battery That You Should Avoid!

The problem of a car battery can actually be minimized if you understand what can be the cause of the condition occurring. Therefore, in this article, we will provide various information about the causes of a car battery so that you can avoid it.

Car batteries play an important role in supplying electrical power so that other components in the car can work as they should. With a battery, you can start the car engine, start the air conditioner, turn on the lights, and much more. Therefore, when the car battery is scrapped, the various existing electrical components will not work. The car also cannot run because the battery is not able to deliver electrical power to the starter as well as to the ignition device.

Beware, These Are 7 Causes Of A Car Battery That You Should Avoid!

What does tekor battery mean?

Please note, the average service life of a car battery is about 2 years or more. However, when the car battery is fixed, the battery cannot work optimally even though its service life is still under 2 years. The tekor car battery itself is a condition where the maximum electric current capacity that can be produced by the battery (Ampere Hour) drops from its initial specifications. For example, a car battery has a label of 12 V 60 AH, but when checked the battery can only emit a current of 30 Amperes per hour.

Causes of Tekor Car Battery

The problem of a car battery can be caused by many things. The following are some common causes that can make a car battery stick.

1. Excessive use of electrical accessories

Some people like to make modifications to their vehicles by adding a variety of electrical accessories such as lights, audio, monitor screens and others. This can be the cause of the car battery being scraped due to the excessive load of battery use.

To avoid this problem, the installation of additional accessories must be done by considering the capacity of the car battery used. So, before you install a variety of electrical accessories then you need to first consult with a workshop that you trust. You can ask the technicians for help to calculate how much the battery usage load is on your vehicle. That way, you can use a battery with a capacity that matches the power load needed.

2. Battery water that is lacking or running out

The next cause of the car battery is because the battery water is lacking or even almost exhausted. Such conditions will damage the metal structure of the timbel in both positive and negative cells. As a result, the car battery becomes unable to accommodate electrical power properly. In addition, the sulfuric acid levels in the electrolyte fluid will also become more concentrated, thus hindering the process of supplying electricity to car components that need it.

You need to know that the water in a wet battery can indeed decrease due to the evaporation process. Therefore, car owners are expected to regularly check the volume of battery water on the vehicle. If it turns out that the battery water is below the limit, then you need to add distilled water to keep the amount of battery water up to standard.

3. The car has not been used for too long

A car that has not been used for too long can also make the car battery tail. This happens because the electricity circulation in the battery is not maintained properly.

To avoid this problem, you should still heat the car even if the car is not used. When the car engine starts, the engine will provide electric power to the alternator to recharge the battery. In this way, the problem of the battery can be minimized.

4. Damaged battery charging system

Another cause that often makes car batteries stick is because the battery charging system has been damaged. The charging system has a function as a system to recharge the electricity in the battery while the car engine is running. Nah, when this charging system has a problem, the battery does not get enough electricity supply. As a result, the battery power storage will continue to decrease, making the battery sink.

5. The presence of a short circuit in the car's electrical system

A short circuit is an electrical short circuit that can generate a huge flow of electricity. If there is a short circuit in one of the electrical circuits, then it can cause the cable to burn and make the flow of electric current exceed the capacity of the battery. As a result, the car battery can drop and tail.

To avoid this, you can see at a glance the signs of a short circuit such as by checking if there is a chipped cable. In addition, so that a short circuit does not occur, you should also routinely do car service.

6. The age of the old car battery

Car batteries are able to last an average of between 2 to 5 years. The battery uses chemicals that can react to store and generate electrical power. Well, these chemicals will gradually also experience a decrease in quality or even expire. Therefore, when the battery has been used for a very long period of time or more than 5 years, it is likely that the quality will decrease. These conditions will certainly make the battery become a scrap because the components in it are no longer able to function optimally.

7. User negligence

Negligence in operating accessories or electrical features of the car will also make the battery stick. For example, forgetting not to turn off the lights when the car is not in use, turning on audio devices and air conditioners when the engine is off, and others. You should avoid these bad habits because the battery's electric current will be continuously sucked so that the battery becomes corroded.

From the information above, it can be known that the problem of the car battery can be avoided as long as you routinely carry out maintenance and use the car's electrical features properly. In addition, choose the type of battery that is most suitable for your car so that the electrical power supply process can work properly.

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