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How To Tune Up A Good Car And The Tools Needed

Light components, tuning, inspection, and other light service on the car are called tune ups. This car tune up only includes servicing the car's engine, excluding the chassis, electricity, and power transfer. Even so, you should also know how to tune up a car.

Based on the previous understanding of tune up, we can conclude that in doing a car tune up, you must understand what must be prepared. Only after the tools for car tune up are complete, you can learn more about how to tune up a car.

How To Tune Up A Good Car And The Tools Needed

Tools To Use Before Tune Up A Car

Knowing the tools to be used before tuning up the car is indeed very important. The tools that must be present and later used in car tune up are as follows.

  • Hidrometer
  • Multitester
  • Tachometer
  • Fuller Gauge
  • Timing Light
  • Wrench Ring
  • Compression Tester
  • Negative screwdriver ( – ) and positive screwdriver ( + )

A Good Way to Tune Up a Car

The way to tune up this car has several steps. The steps to tune up Avanza cars and others include:

1. Check the Car Cooling System

Car cooling systems that you should check include hose clamps, radiator hoses, and how the radiator cap works. You can check the tune up components of the car by using a radiator cap tester.

2. Check the Voltage position of Vacuum and Cooling Water

In addition, also check the voltage of the vacuum position and the spring that is on the radiator lid. In the event of damage to the cap, clamps, or radiator hoses, immediately replace them with new ones.

Do not forget to also check the cooling water level on the spare tank. Replace if the color is dirty. If it has not reached the height of the normal limit, you can replenish it until it is enough.

3. Check the Air Filter or Air Filter

Next is to check the air filter and also the air filter. You can check it by opening the elements of the air filter and cleaning it by using compressed air.

Cleaning using air or wind is carried out from the inside. If this element is difficult to clean, too dirty, or damaged, replace it with a new component immediately.

4. Don't Forget to Check the Fan Strap

Also check the engine components on the fan strap, starting from thirst, cracks, and tension. In addition, also check the flexibility of the fan strap with the help of tension. Replace the component with a new one if needed. Don't forget to make sure the fan strap is well attached.

5. Check Battery (ACCU)

This ACCU battery check is carried out by looking at various sides. Check whether something happened or not. Next, check the ACCU water limit and replenish it if the ACCU water is lower than the normal limit.

6. Check vehicle spark plugs

To check the spark plugs of a vehicle, first remove the spark plugs from their place. Only then was his condition checked. Clean using sandpaper on the spark plug gap using a carbon cleaner liquid and don't forget to replace this component regularly.

7. Clean the Combustion Chamber on the Vehicle

The next way to tune up the Jazz car is to clean the combustion chamber on this vehicle so that it is free from scale from the combustion chamber. Well, this tune up process is carried out so that the combustion performance of the vehicle is maximized.

8. Check the Health of Vehicle Cable Connections

Did you know that just the problem of the cable socket not being tight enough can cause engine problems that are difficult to detect? Therefore, always check the cables and channels on the machine cover.

9. Perkisa ISC

ISC is an important component in the process of idle speed of an injection engine. If one of these components is dirty, it is possible that the engine RPM will rise and fall, even die. Therefore, in the process of tune up the car, this component does not escape inspection.

Car tune up is an activity that should be done regularly. With this tune up, you can find out the condition of the car, so that it can minimize more severe damage if done regularly.

To tune the car, you can follow how to tune up the car as already explained. That's it and happy activities again.

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