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How To Repair A Damaged Vehicle Dry Battery Without Going To The Repair Shop

How To Repair A Damaged Vehicle Dry Battery Without Going To The Repair Shop

The easiest way to repair a vehicle dry battery is of course by letting the mechanic in the repair shop take care of it. However, you can save money on it if you know the secret. Yes, a vehicle battery that soaks or cuts can still be repaired by yourself in several ways.

Dry batteries are also known as MF (Maintenance Free), which unfortunately can still be damaged. Although, the damage ratio is not frequent and more durable to use in vehicles. Another reason is in terms of practicality and stability, it provides electricity for vehicles.

How to Repair a Vehicle Dry Battery Yourself

Dry batteries, although maintenance free, can also be damaged and require regular maintenance. If it is never checked at all, the battery can suddenly have problems in the middle of the road and cause the vehicle to break down. So, how to fix a damaged or soaked dry battery?

Equipment Required

Before starting the repair, you will need some equipment to disassemble it from the vehicle. So, first prepare some of the tools below:

  • screwdriver (plus and minus) or wrench 6mm-4mm,
  • battery water and funnel,
  • avo meter,
  • tape of large size,
  • hacksaw.

Easy Steps to Repair a Dry Battery

After all the equipment is ready, do not forget to use gloves as a protector. Then follow the steps on how to fix a dry battery that is draining below:

  1. Lift the battery from its place in the vehicle, then clean it first with a dry cloth.
  2. Then carefully open the lid using a hacksaw or other alternative tool you have. The part that needs to be sawed off is on the top which says "Do Not Open" warning.
  3. After the lid is successfully opened, then inside it will be visible six holes. Fill all the holes with fresh water aka battery water that you have bought. Use a funnel so that the water does not spill onto the floor or hit the feet. This battery water is hard enough that it can cause skin irritation. If it accidentally gets on the skin, then immediately wash it off with soapy water.
  4. Put the battery cover again, this time attach it using tape so that it does not come off.

Alternative Ways to Repair a Dry Battery

Usually, how to fix the car's dry battery above can solve the problem, but there is also the possibility of failure. Then you have to disassemble the battery again and look at the parts of the battery cells that are likely to be damaged.

An alternative step is to use Bodrex as a mixture of battery water.

It may sound a little strange, but Indonesians in fact quite often repair dry batteries with Bodrex. All you need to do is open the lid of the battery, then empty the battery water from the holes in it. Pour hot water so that the dead battery cells are active again.

This needs to be done several times until the inside of the battery is completely clean. After drying for a whole day or at least three hours, pour the battery water back. But this time first place the crushed Bodrex into each hole, and then pour battery water.

Install and Test the Battery on the Vehicle

Just now are tips for repairing the dry battery of the vehicle without having to take it to the repair shop. Next, install your car battery again with the equipment prepared at the beginning. However, in this installation, it is mainly to install the positive cable first.

After the battery is installed, then start testing whether it is working or not by starting the car engine. To ensure that the battery is working, the horn and car lights should be able to turn on as they should. Thus, it means that you have learned how to repair the vehicle's dry battery.

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