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How To Change Car Power Steering Oil Easily

How To Change Car Power Steering Oil Easily

Power steering is a crucial part when you drive a car. Every 6 months or after 40,000 Km, the power steering oil must be diligently replaced. Some people think how to change the power steering oil is difficult even though, as long as you follow the right instructions, the oil can be changed easily.

For those of you who already want to try to replace it yourself but, still lacking PD, the methods below can help. Please take a good look at the following methods:

Steps to Change Power Steering Oil

The price of power steering oil is not bad, making you have to be successful in changing the oil. No need to be afraid of being wrong, this replacement process can be said to be easy just using oil, hoses and containers, as follows:

  1. Remove all old oil that is inside the power steering using oil
  2. Make sure all the oil has come out
  3. Look for a small hose that functions to drain oil from the gear box to the steering
  4. Open the small hose
  5. Put the new air steering into the power steering
  6. Start the vehicle to test how the oil is removed
  7. Pay attention to the state of the oil that comes out
  8. When the oil is clean, then remove the air from the power steering

Until this stage, the process for changing the power steering oil has been completed. When all the stages are complete, however, the power steering is like catching a cold, overcoming it is easy.

To overcome the above, you can repeat the process of charging the power steering again. The water that comes out when the vehicle tries to start must be completely white. Then also make sure that there are no air bubbles in the power steering.

Things to Look for when Charging Power Steering

When you try the above method and it doesn't work, there may be something wrong. For that, pay attention to the tips below and determine if there are any steps that have passed or even forgotten?

  1. Avoid turning the steering wheel when the vehicle is off, this will make the steering wear out quickly. Then the effect of the long impact will also make the tires easily damaged.
  2. There are two hoses on the power steering, choose the smallest cable to remove the oil quickly. The large cable serves as a link between the reservoir and the steering pump.
  3. When changing the oil fluid on the power steering, make sure the car engine is running. Do not turn off the car, when the oil is still not rising and the color is like new oil.
  4. The location of the avanza power steering oil tube and other cars tends to be the same, so during the replacement process you will not have any difficulties.
  5. The oil does have to be changed when it has been 6 months or 40,000 Km, it's just that toyota or other car power steering oil can be different. To be sure when it should be changed, look at the color of the oil. If it is dark brown, then the oil must be changed immediately so that there are no problems.
  6. When draining old oil fluid, make sure all the oil comes out perfectly, especially in the reservoir. This is done so that no air bubbles occur.
  7. When the power steering sound is noisy, there is a possibility of power steering oil leaking. If this happens, in a short time the noisy state will return the oil arena will be empty faster.
  8. Once you're done recharging, don't turn it back on right away. Turn the steering to full right and left, repeating this step many times until the steering is comfortable. If after a while the steering is still not comfortable, it means that there could be other problems.

That's how to change the power steering oil on the car so that it is more comfortable when driving it. By following the steps and tips above, you can definitely change the power steering oil yourself.

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