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8 Factors Causing Radiator Water To Run Out Quickly

Radiator Water car

Those of you who often travel alone using a car must be familiar with the existence of a radiator system. This system has an important role in keeping the engine temperature in top condition when driving. Although the maintenance is not too complicated, but there are several causes of radiator water running out quickly that you should be aware of.

Have you ever asked what causes the radiator water to run out quickly so that it interferes with the performance of your car? If your car radiator water runs out quickly even though it has just been filled, you can be sure that there is a problem with the system.

Here are some of the causes of car radiator water running out quickly that can interfere with the performance of your car engine.

Non-Optimal Radiator Cap Power

The radiator cap has a heat-resistant pressure locking design so that it remains locked at high temperatures. If the radiator cap is damaged and does not work optimally, it automatically affects the radiator water. Generally, damage occurs to the rubber cap, you can fix it by replacing a new one.

Radiator Hose Installation Error

As a radiator water circulation medium, the installation of the radiator hose must be tight so that the radiator water is reduced normally. Non-tight installation will give a gap so that the water seeps and continues to decrease.

Poor Radiator Hose Condition

Radiator water is always reduced likely to be caused by the condition of the radiator hose that is no longer suitable for use and mushy. To avoid water seepage due to this, immediately replace your car radiator hose with a new one.

There was a Leak in the Water Pump

Leaks in ordinary water pumps are caused by a long service life so that their performance has decreased. If the water pump leaks, the wasted water discharge will be relatively large. So make sure you do regular maintenance and use quality water so that the water pump can be more durable.

Problems with the Thermostat Section

The cause of the radiator water running out quickly on the car can also occur because the thermostat has problems, such as dirty and crooked. This condition causes the radiator water to evaporate excessively and in vain. Clean the radiator at least once every 2 months to ensure that your car's thermostat is in optimal condition.

Leakage in radiator fin position

Leaks that occur in the radiator fins are often difficult to see because radiator water tends to evaporate. But this can still be the cause of the unnaturally reduced radiator water over a long period of time.

To make sure the condition of the radiator, you should contact a technician or take it to the nearest repair shop.

Weakened Radiator Fan Performance

The cause of the radiator being reduced but not leaking could be due to the weakened performance of the radiator fan. Although it does not leak, the water will evaporate more due to the high temperature that cannot be suppressed by the fan.

There are many factors that allow this to happen, generally because the carbon brush is almost exhausted or it could be that the fan magnet is shifting.

Close Less Tight Discharges

Before taking your car to the repair shop due to the technical problems of rapidly decreasing radiator water, try to check the discharge cap part. A tight radiator water drain cap can cause the radiator water to evaporate in vain.

If the drain lid is sleked, you can anticipate it with the addition of tape. Make sure the exhaust cap remains in a tight condition so that the radiator system works properly. 

After knowing the cause of the radiator water running out quickly, of course, now you know better how to treat it. Don't forget to check regularly to make sure all your car engines are working properly.

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