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7 Ways To Maintain A Car So That It Is Durable And Always Comfortable

How to maintain the right car becomes one of the driving safety factors. In addition, maintenance also makes the vehicle more durable. And of course it is comfortable when used.

Periodic and regular maintenance of the car ensures that conditions are always good. Whether it's the condition of the engine to the car body. By carrying out treatment also avoid damage. Make the car remain primed even if it is driven for a long time.

To carry out vehicle maintenance also do not always have to go to the repair shop. Some ways of car maintenance can actually be done by yourself at home.

The following is a review of tips and also how to maintain a car so that it lasts a long time. And of course driving becomes safe and comfortable.

7 Ways To Maintain A Car So That It Is Durable And Always Comfortable

1. Change The Oil Regularly

Oil is an important part of the car that cannot be missed. Make sure to always change the oil regularly and periodically. It's even best to change the oil before it really gets bad.

Changing the oil should be done for each vehicle covering a distance of 5,000 to 7,500 KM. Changing the oil can be done by yourself at home. Although it should be done in a professional car repair shop.

2. Pay Attention to the Condition of the Car Transmission

In order for the vehicle's performance to remain excellent and durable when used, the car transmission must be a concern. It's a good idea to make sure to choose the right car transmission. So that it does not cause damage to the vehicle.

Also pay attention to how the transmission is handled most precisely based on the type of car. Whether it's a manual or automatic car. Car transmission checks should also be carried out regularly.

How to drive a good and correct car will also affect the condition of the transmission. So make sure to always drive the vehicle in the appropriate way.

3. Check brakes and clutch

Driving safety is indeed very dependent on the condition of the brakes and clutch of the car. Always make sure the condition of the brakes and the car is in the best condition.

Starting from periodically changing the clutch pads before they become worn out. As well as replacing brake fluid once every 20,000 KM. The overall condition of the brakes and clutch must also be checked for each car over a service distance of 10,000 to 50,000.

Loose brakes or heavy gearshifts are a sign that it's time to check the condition of the clutch.

4. Change Radiator Water Periodically

Car engine maintenance errors are often made when changing radiator water. Many motorists wait until the radiator water is completely discharged before replacing. In addition, the quality and cleanliness of the radiator water is also not considered.

Radiator water should be changed regularly for the best performance when driving. Also make sure to use clean radiator water, no dirt. As well as the best water quality.

It is best to avoid using ordinary or mineral water for radiators.

5. Battery Power Condition

One more part of the car that often misses maintenance. The car battery will be very influential when driving. Don't want to experience a dead car battery when driving at night, for example?

The car battery should always be in top shape. For the maintenance of the condition of the battery, you can check the voltage with a voltmeter. Battery water should also always be at the level it should be. To be precise, make sure the battery water is between the marker boundaries.

6. Check Car Wiring and Lights

Driving comfort will also be greatly influenced by car lights. It is certainly not going to want to experience a sudden malfunction of the car lights.

When maintaining the condition of the car, make sure that the lights are completely in the best condition. Whether it's a head lamp to a turn signal.

In addition, also make sure the condition of the cable. There should be no wires that peel off, wear out, or even come off.

7. Wash the Car Thoroughly

The best performance when driving is not just about the engine. But also the cleanliness of the car. A car that is clean and washed regularly will also certainly be more durable. Dirt that sticks to the body or engine of a car can cause rust.

This car body maintenance should indeed be done thoroughly. This means washing almost all parts of the car. Also included in the cabin.

The best car maintenance will guarantee the condition and performance when driving. In addition, it also ensures safety and comfort. As well as making the car more durable.

How to maintain a car as above is also very easy. It can be done by yourself at home. Even so, make sure to do routine car service at your favorite repair shop every month. For the sake of getting a thorough treatment service.

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