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Easier! Here are 5 Ways to Make Racing Exhaust Not Noisy

Easier! Here are 5 Ways to Make Racing Exhaust Not Noisy

Today, many motorcycle lovers are modifying their motorbikes using racing exhausts. Racing exhaust is widely chosen because it can improve the performance of the motor so it is more yahud. But unfortunately, racing exhausts often make a loud noise and annoy other motorists.

Then, how to make a racing exhaust not noisy? Some people may think to replace or dismantle the exhaust. However, there are times when it actually makes the sound in the exhaust louder. In order not to be wrong, you can overcome it by following some of the following tips.

1. Installing carbon kevlar

You can install the exhaust silencer by using a carbon kevlar type material. This damper is made of glass fiber which has a very smooth texture. The glass fibers are then woven so neatly and tightly, so that they are not easily burned.

Not only is it more difficult to burn at high temperatures, this exhaust silencer can also reduce heat. Thanks to these advantages, this damper will not be easy to get out of place and is also more resistant to rust.

2. Installing the Glasswool Damping Foam

Usually, you will find glasswool dampening foam in each exhaust tube that is adjusted to the factory standard. Unfortunately, the level of thickness, density, and quality of the dampening foam is not always good.

Quality silencer foam should be able to make the exhaust have a smoother sound and not heat up quickly.

Well, to overcome this, you can replace the existing damper foam with a new glasswool foam type. This dampening foam has a shape with yellow and white colors. That way, you will get a smooth sound racing exhaust.

However, remember! When you choose this foam, you have to be careful when you want to install it. The reason, this foam can cause shortness of breath if inhaled. Not only that, this foam can also cause itching when interacting directly.

3. Wearing Silencer from Fiberglass

If you are afraid to use glasswool dampening foam, you can use an exhaust silencer made of fiberglass.

This dampening foam is made of glass, so the fiber is more resistant to heat. This foam fiber is also not easily exhausted when burned at high temperatures.

4. Using Steel Wool Reducer

You can also choose a damper made of steel wool. This damper is made of iron fiber and really has good quality. That way, the character of the exhaust sound produced will be really smooth.

Not only that, this silencer will not burn easily even when exposed to hot temperatures. But unfortunately, this damper is not resistant to rust, especially when you use it for a long time.

5. Replacing Muffler with DB Killer

Well, if you can't find a suitable silencer, you can use another alternative by replacing the exhaust with a DB Killer exhaust. The reason is, this type of exhaust does not cause a noise effect.

The resulting sound is also quieter and certainly not noisy. Not only that, nowadays there are also many good DB Killer forms with charming designs.

So, do you really can't stand the noise caused by the racing exhaust? Calm! You can use some of the methods above to solve it.

You are free to use any way of making the racing exhaust not noisy. However, try to know the advantages and disadvantages of each method first before deciding.

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