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Do Not Be Wrong! Here Are Tips For Choosing The Best Car Oil

If you often drive using a car every day, car engine maintenance is certainly very important. One of the common engine maintenance is the use of the best car oil. Want to know the right tips in choosing car oil? Here's more information.

Each component of the car engine will cause a lot of friction when running. To reduce this friction, it is necessary to use oil as a lubricant.

The quality of the oil can be seen from the level of viscosity/ viscosity, certification, and the material for making the oil. The better the quality of the oil, the better the performance of your car engine.

Do Not Be Wrong! Here Are Tips For Choosing The Best Car Oil

Choose the Oil with the Most Appropriate Viscosity

In order for the oil you use to work optimally on a car engine, you need to adjust the character of the car engine to the viscosity of the oil used. The number or value of oil viscosity is indicated on the container with the code SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers).

For example, if on the oil packaging is indicated SAE 15W-40. The code means the viscosity of the oil 15 during winter conditions and 40 during hot temperatures. The oil brands on the market generally provide oils with different viscosity levels. So you can adjust it to the needs of the car engine.

Adjust to the Type of Car Engine

The next car oil selection tip is to adjust the type of engine. It is very important to adjust the type of oil used to the type of car engine. To find out, you can use the manual of the car obtained at the time of buying the car.

In the guidebook, there is information about the best type of car oil that is suitable for your car engine. Recommendations on the type of oil from the factory will certainly make engine performance more optimal.

Today's automobile engines generally require oil with a low viscosity level or dilute. But if your car is an old output (20 to 30 years ago) then use an oil with high viscosity or viscous.

Check Oil Composition

Judging from the composition of the oil, some are made of synthetic materials and some are non-synthetic. Oil whose packaging has a synthetic information means that it is a cleaner and thinner synthetic oil.

Synthetic oils are made through several stages of chemical reactions which are then added with additives that maximize the function of the oil for the engine. Meanwhile, if there is no synthetic information, it can be ascertained that the composition comes from mineral oils from nature.

The mineral oil or petroleum is distilled and purified to produce mineral base oil that is ready to be used gradually. The notion that synthetic oils that cost more are always better is not entirely correct.

Tips when choosing the best car oil in terms of composition, between the two there is nothing better because each engine has oil needs according to the character of the engine.

Check Certification from Oil

An important thing that you must also pay attention to when you want to choose oil for a car is certification. There are several official bodies that issue oil certification, namely ILSAC, ACEA, JASO, and API.

Car oil certification will guarantee the quality as well as the stAndar of the oil. The oil certification code is usually followed by an additional letter behind it. For example, the API is followed by the letters SM or CE.

The back letters namely M and E indicate the latest quality level. The closer the letter is to the last letter (the letter Z) the later it is. While the front letters S and C indicate their designation. S for C gasoline engines for diesel engines.

Well, now you know the tips in choosing the best car oil. In order to further guarantee and maximize the function of the oil used, it is also necessary to be accompanied by regular maintenance. Good quality oil with an engine that remains maintained will make you more comfortable and safer when driving.

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