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5 Ways To Remove Berets On A Motorbike Easily And Cheaply

5 Ways To Remove Berets On A Motorbike Easily And Cheaply

Abrasions or scratches on the motorbike are indeed quite difficult to avoid. Sometimes, despite caution, the beloved motorbike is often scratched by unexpected things. For those who are confused about how to get rid of the beret on the motorbike, don't worry. Because, there are several tricks that you can make a solution.

Here, it will be described how to get rid of berets on doff motors, and other types. All the ways shared here are very simple and straightforward. That way, you don't have to spend money on repairs to the workshop. Without lingering, let's take a peek at the following methods:

1. Using Toothpaste

How to remove scratches on a motorbike with odol is already quite popular, you know. This trick can be said to be quite effective. Because, not only for gears, odol is also able to remove or disguise the beret on the motor body. However, this trick can only be used for not-so-deep scratches.

The method is very easy. First of all, first clean the beret on the motor. After that, moisten a cloth and then apply toothpaste on the cloth. Next, apply it to the scratched body. Rub it in a circle all over the scratched parts of the motor body.

Perform the above steps until the scratch is camouflaged. After that, please wipe the part again using a soft cloth.

2. Using Motor Polishing Body Products

For those of you who don't want to be complicated, now there are many polishing products for motorcycles on the market. This product helps you remove or disguise the beret on the motor. To get rid of it, you are required to be painstaking. Because, applying it should be many times.

Please choose one of the motor polishing products on the market. After that, apply it to the motor that is bereted. Do it many times, then make sure that the scratches on the motor are completely gone.

3. Using Sandpaper

This trick is suitable for deep types of berets or scratches. It can also be used as a way to get rid of abrasions in the Nmax motor. However, make sure you choose the right type of sandpaper.

Use a minimum type of sandpaper size 2000. Or, it could be by choosing a sandpaper that is finer than that. However, before using it, first the sandpaper is soaked. Don't forget to wet the scratched motor body.

Be careful at the time of applying it. Sand your motor with a rhythmic motion, or just one move. Use sandpaper slowly until the scratches are camouflaged. After the scratches are faint, please dry the body with a fine cloth such as a microfiber or chamois cloth.

4. Use Compound to Optimize Sandpaper

This trick can be used if you use the sandpaper technique. This trick can also be used as a way to remove berets on PCX motors.

After the motor is welded, please give compound to the scratched body. Use a fine cloth to apply it. Do it repeatedly until the compound marks disappear.

Well, after the above stages are completed, you can immediately polish them. A series of sandpaper and compound, also good as a way to remove the beret on the rough body of the motor.

5. Closing scratches with stickers

This trick can be applied to scratches that are difficult to overcome. The role of the sticker here, is not to remove or disguise it. However, the sticker here serves to close it temporarily.

Although it is not a way to get rid of abrasions on a white motorbike, or other colors, it is classified as effective. Closing can be done with a cutting system. It is enough to choose a cool design, then attach it to the motor body. That way, the abrasions and berets on the motorbike will be covered.

The trick of how to get rid of the beret on the motor above, besides being effective, is also cheap. You don't have to spend a lot of money or go to the workshop. Please follow the tricks above, and make sure the steps are correct for optimal results. Good luck.

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