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How to Remove Car Glass Berets Without Having to Go to the Salon

How to Remove Car Glass Berets Without Having to Go to the Salon
How to Remove Car Glass Berets Without Having to Go to the Salon

Berets are common on car bodies for various reasons. It can be due to an accident or because the wipers are used continuously so that the car glass is scratched.

Car glass is also a vital part because it supports visibility when driving. There are several ways to get rid of car berets without having to take them to the salon as below!

Use Compound

If your car glass has a light beret, there is no need to come to the car salon. You can clean it by wearing a compound. This tool is available in repair shops and car supply stores. How to use it is easy, namely by polishing the car glass using a compound.

Continue by wiping it gently using a cloth with a smooth surface. The base material of the compound contains oil so that the glass will be opaque when exposed to rainwater. Even so, in a few days the glass will return to clarity and cleanness on its own.

Make Use of Toothpaste

One way to remove berets on car glass cheaply and easily is to take advantage of toothpaste. Before applying it clean the dust that has settled on the car glass. Moisten a microfiber cloth with warm water then pour a little toothpaste.

Make sure the toothpaste you are using is a non-gel toothpaste. After that wipe it into the bereted part of the glass in a circular way for 30 seconds.

Then wipe it with a new washcloth that has been moistened with tap water and then squeezed beforehand. This step will make the surface of your car glass even more shiny.

Ammonia Liquid

How to remove rough berets on car glass can be using ammonia liquid. You can put on 15 ml of water with half a liter of water. Stir until completely well mixed. Continue by dipping a cotton cloth into the liquid.

Rub it into the beret part gently and slowly. Make sure the ammonia liquid does not hit other parts of the car body. This is because ammonia liquid is classified as a fairly hard chemical compound.

Cerium Oxide

Cerium Oxide is a powder that serves to make car glass more shiny. This material is also capable of being used to remove scratches on the glass. The price is also relatively cheap around Rp30,000-Rp50,000. When using this powder, make sure the car glass is wet.

This will minimize the incidence of friction which has an impact on the risk of increasing beret. Mix Cerium Oxide with water until the texture is just right neither too watery nor too thick. Use a soft cloth to apply this glass cleaning liquid.

Make sure the liquid is absorbed well by pressing it a little. Avoid liquid hitting the edges of the glass. To protect the edges of the glass use newspapers and tape to cover them.

Sand over the entire surface of the glass affected by scratches.  When finished cleaning and wait for it to dry to see the result.

Use Baking Soda

You can also use baking soda to remove berets on car glass. The first step you can do is to mix baking soda with water in the same ratio. After that, first clean the car glass from dust and dirt that sticks.

Take a mixture of water and baking soda with a rag and then wipe it into the beret. Wipe in a circular motion for 30 seconds. After that rinse the glass with a rag that has been given warm water. Wipe the beret part with this rag until it is completely clean.

How to remove the car glass beret above is easy to do. You can find the ingredients around the house. It's more economical because you don't need to take it to a car salon.

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