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Want to Know the Cause of Automatic Motorbike Shaking? Get to Know This Component

Want to Know the Cause of Automatic Motorbike Shaking? Get to Know This Component
Want to Know the Cause of Automatic Motorbike Shaking? Get to Know This Component

Sciipy - For users of automatic motorcycles, they may have experienced a vibrating motor during the initial pull. Generally, the cause of the automatic motorbike vibrating, apart from the fact that the motor is at low speed. Also because there is a problem inside the CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) component.

Get to know CVT Components

CVT itself has a very important function for automatic motorcycles. So, before knowing the cause of the scooter motor shaking, it's a good idea to understand the main components in the CVT, namely the V-Belt, Roller Weight, and Clutch Pad.

1. V-Belt

It looks like a belt that serves to connect power from the engine to the rear wheels. For non-automatic motorcycles, the V-Belt also acts as a chain. Just like the chain on a regular motorbike, you also need to clean this component regularly.

Periodic maintenance is important for you to do. Not only to function optimally but also to detect the risk of damage to V-Belt components. A damaged belt will certainly greatly endanger the rider.

2. Roller Weight

Better known as a roller only, this CVT component is shaped like a ballast wheel. The position is inside the machine and is generally black. Because it is often worn, this roller can crumble. You must immediately replace it if it is damaged or due to a malfunction.

To find out the condition of the roller whether it is still in good condition or has been damaged. You can check it from the sound of the CVT. If there is a noise in the CVT, it means that the roller is already damaged.

3. Clutch Pads

This one motorcycle component is most familiar to motorcyclists in general. What should you pay attention to in this component? The thickness of the clutch lining inside the CVT. Replace it immediately if the clutch lining is already below the threshold.

Those of you who insist on using the clutch pads in a damaged or already thin state will be very dangerous to yourself. In addition, damage to the clutch lining will also spread to other components.

One of them is clutch housing. As result of the damage to the lining bowl, it will have an impact on the comfort of the motorbike when driving. For example, vibrations appear when at low-speed positions.

Causes of Automatic Motor Shaking

This is where it is important that you first get to know the CVT components. This is because the automatic motor vibrates due to damage to one of the CVT components. There are at least three causes of automatic motorcycles when you want to walk.

1. Dirt

The dirt on CTV is caused by several factors, for example, it comes from double linings. It can also come from external factors, namely the surrounding environment. If you ride a motorbike often through an environment that has a lot of dust, for example, it will make the inside of the CVT get dirty quickly.

Dirt in the CVT can affect the performance of double pads and bowls, making double pads unable to work optimally. Under normal conditions, double pads should be able to suppress the double pad bowl. This causes the automatic motor to vibrate.

2. Double Lining Damper

Another cause of automatic motor vehicles shaking is due to double-lining dampers. Here, the damper serves to hold the double lining. If the damper's performance is not optimal, it can cause the double lining to shake easily.

The result of the double rocking pads will affect the condition of the lining site. Because the lining tread cannot touch the clutch bowl, the automatic motorbike vibrates.

3. Rear Pulley Seal

Finally, what causes the scooter motor to vibrate violently is the occurrence of leakage of the rear pulley grease. This generally happens because the pulley seal has been damaged or has begun to weather.

If the damaged pulley seal is left, the grease will enter the double lining bowl. What follows is that the double pads will slip and your motor will vibrate.

If you already know the cause of the automatic motorbike shaking, then immediately make repairs so that it is comfortable when driving. Immediately clean the CVT components. However, for maximum results, it is recommended that you take it to an official workshop.

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