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Don't Just Guess, Let's Check 7 Causes of Shooting Exhaust!

Don't Just Guess, Let's Check 7 Causes of Shooting Exhaust!
Don't Just Guess, Let's Check 7 Causes of Shooting Exhaust!

Sciipy - The exhaust serves as a noise reducer when exhaust gases are removed and exhaust lines emission gases from combustion of the engine. However, there are times when problems such as the sound of the exhaust firing make you uncomfortable. The cause of the shot exhaust could be due to something like the following.

1. Dirty Spark Plugs

Spark plugs function as lighters and can have an effect on after burn. Under normal conditions, the spark plugs can ignite and cause simultaneous combustion. However, when the spark plug is dirty, the foam electrode is covered with impurities which causes the electrode's electric current resistance.

As a result, the fire formed is smaller so that the burning that occurs is not simultaneous. This is the cause of the motor exhaust shooting with a banging sound that often makes you yourself surprised.

2. Open Choke

The choke usually helps you so that the motor starts quickly when the motor is cold or difficult to start. After use the choke is obliged to close. Because otherwise, an open choke can be the cause of an explosive motor exhaust.

This is because the open choke will make gasoline flow disproportionately into the combustion chamber on the motor. If the combustion chamber of the motor receives too much fuel, it will cause your exhaust to explode while the vehicle is in use.

3. Carburetor Water Screw Damage

The cause of the exhaust sounding and making a loud noise can be caused by damage to the carburetor water screw. Precisely the damage occurred in the part of the air supply to the combustion chamber. These obstacles could be due to:

  • The carburetor air ducts are clogged.
  • The carburetor components are worn out.
  • Poor carburetor tuning.

If when you use the exhaust explosion occurs when the RPM is low after use at high RPM, then the cause is a lack of air in the combustion chamber. Because of this, you must periodically clean the parts or components in the carburetor and its surroundings.

4. Broken Carburetor Components

Vacuum-type carburetors are often used for non-injection motors. In use, a rubber valve is required so that the fuel flow in the carburetor goes well. However, due to the long enough use, the components of the rubber can harden when in contact with fuel.

As a result, such a component as the valve cap wears out. If left unchecked, it will be the cause of the exhaust exploding when the gas lever is returned in the starting position and causes the motor to become stuck. Therefore, when the carburetor components are damaged or worn out, they should be replaced immediately.

5. Setting Too Dry

Motor settings that are too dry can cause the exhaust on the motor to be shot. If the non-injection motor can adjust the wind opening, while the injection motor can do mapping.

6. Too Much Fuel

Too much fuel compared to oxygen can make the exhaust shoot. Usually, this happens in motors that still use a carburetor. Because the mixture is too much fuel and is not balanced with the air present in the combustion chamber, causing fuel that has not burned.

If such residual fuel comes out of the combustion chamber it will meet with fresh air. As a result, the fuel will burn at the base of the exhaust or muffler, causing a sound such as a gunshot/explosion.

7. Leaky Exhaust

The exhaust has the function of muffling sounds during the combustion process. So, if the exhaust leaks, it will cause an explosive sound especially when the gas lever is pulled tightly. If left unchecked, it will be the cause of the exhaust shooting and emitting fire.

That's the information about the cause of the shooting exhaust that you need to know. It's a good idea to always check the condition of your motorbike so that the vehicle remains in good condition, especially when used for long-distance trips.

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