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8 Factors Causing a Motor Engine to Die When On Gas

8 Factors Causing a Motor Engine to Die When On Gas
8 Factors Causing a Motor Engine to Die When On Gas

Sciipy - Motorbikes are one of the vehicles whose maintenance is not too complicated, but sometimes they have various problems. One of the problems that many encounter is that the engine turns off suddenly when gassed.

There are many factors that cause the motor engine to die when on gas, some of which are discussed in the review below.

1. Clogging of the Fuel Tank Circulation

One of the causes of the motor engine shutting down when gassed is due to a blockage in the fuel tank. Generally, the circulation path is in a small hole in the tank lid.

If this circulation is blocked, the fuel cannot automatically go down to the combustion department. Although it sounds trivial, this can certainly affect the performance of your vehicle.

2. Motor Fuel Has Run Out

Another cause that allows the motor to die when gassed is to run out of fuel in the tank. This is common for motorcycles whose BBM indicator is damaged so that it is not detected.

3. Weak Spark Plug Condition

The problem of the gassed engine even turning off often occurs due to the weak condition of the spark plugs so that they cannot work optimally. If the spark plug is in a weak condition, what occurs is imperfect ignition, the engine collapses, and results in the engine shutting down when gassed.

You can confirm this by unplugging the spark plugs when the motor engine is in cool condition.

4. Dirty Fuel

Fuel in a dirty state can also cause the engine to shut down when gassed. Dirty fuel is common when you use low-octane fuel or fuel that has been polluted with water or dirt.

Another cause could also be due to rainwater seeping into the fuel tank of your motorbike.

5. The Engine is Overheated

The cause of the motor engine shutting down when removing other gases is because the engine is overheated or overheated. This condition often occurs because the circulation of engine oil is not good or clogged.

This causes excessive engine friction so that the piston ring heats up faster than it normally does.

6. There was a Problem with the Injector

The injection motor engine dies when the gas is removed, it could be due to a problem with the injector. This is common in vehicles that have passed 5 years of service life or more than 50,000 km of travel mileage.

Therefore the maintenance of injectors at least every 10,000 km is essential to extend the life of your vehicle.

7. Water Filled Carburetor Parts

If your motor engine turns off when gassed, try to check the carburetor. This could be due to a problematic carburetor. Some are due to the inclusion of water at the time of washing, rainwater, or indeed the carburetor components have been damaged.

8. Carburetor Vacuum Rubber Is Damaged

The cause of the motor engine to die when the gas is removed, the last one is that the carburetor vacuum rubber is damaged or torn. This symptom often occurs in motors that have a vacuum-type carburetor in their system.

Torn carburetor vacuum rubber can occur due to a reaction with fuel so that its elasticity is reduced. This is what causes the motor engine to shut down when the gas is removed. So, regular carburetor maintenance is an important thing that you should pay attention to.

After knowing the cause of the motor engine turning off when on gas, of course, now you can check it independently at home. But if your motorbike suffers fatal damage, immediately ask an expert for help or take it to your subscription repair shop.

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