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6 Causes of Motor Lights Off That You Should Be Aware of

6 Causes of Motor Lights Off That You Should Be Aware of
6 Causes of Motor Lights Off That You Should Be Aware of

Sciipy - A dead motorbike light can certainly be a big problem when you use the vehicle at night. Motor lights are not only used for lighting but also become one of the driving traffic rules. Therefore, you must know the cause of the motor light turning off so that at any time you can be vigilant.

When the motorcycle lights suddenly turn off on the highway, it could be the cause of you getting a ticket from a police officer. Check out the following what causes the motor light not to turn on?

1. Problematic Motor Cable

A problematic motor cable can be the cause of why the motor light goes off. This usually often happens to a person who has pleasure for motor modifications. Too often to make modifications a person usually ignores the re-wiring after dismantling.

It also often happens that the motor light is dimmed when installing the cable not in position. Therefore, you should be more careful when making modifications, especially to the motor electrical system.

2. Problems in the Relay Section

The relay part can also be the cause why the motor light dims or turns off. Check this part of the fuse or relay. Generally, what happens is that the relay is very dirty or there is rust on the inside so it affects the lamp.

The color of the lamp will first begin to dim and then when left unchecked it will get worse. It can even be the cause of the motor lights turning off continuously.

3. Not a Real Lamp

When motorcyclists use lights that are not original from the manufacturer, it can cause motorcycle lights to often break. On the motor lamps manufacturers usually use standard models. So when the driver does a variation of the lamp, the wattage size may not match.

How to fix a motor lamp often breaks off by installing a lamp with a non-excess wattage size. So that the lamp is more durable so you don't need to change it often.

4. Motor Lights Exposed to Water

When the motorbike is often exposed to rain or the lamp part enters water, the light may turn off. Water easily gets into the reflector part so that it is damaged or hollow. Or you you probably don't use protective rubber on the lamp holder so that water easily enters.

This could be one of the causes of the Beat motor lights going off completely. A broken motor light can be marked with green characteristics.

5. Problems in the Battery Section

The motorcycle battery certainly needs to be checked when the motor light cannot provide lighting. The power source in your vehicle also comes from the battery. Therefore, when the battery part is soaked, it affects the motor light that is off.

Do periodic checks on the battery, so that you do not experience a condition where the motor light turns off suddenly. Of course this will be troublesome, especially in emergency conditions when driving.

6. Experiencing Overcharge

When the battery gets too much electricity intake, it can cause the motor light to break easily which makes it turn off. This term is also called overcharge, where the motor light breaks when on the gas. When the motor is gassed to the maximum limit, the electric charge should not exceed 14.5.

Although there are some types whose numbers are at 15.5. If you charge the electric current more than the maximum limit, an overture overcharge occurs. This not only makes the motor light turn off but affects the battery which becomes hot.

These are some of the causes of motor lights turning off which generally occur. If your motorbike lights have started to dim, you should be vigilant and check the section as above.

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