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6 Best Car Wash Soaps 2020

6 Best Car Wash Soaps 2020
6 Best Car Wash Soaps 2020

Sciipy - Keeping the car clean will make the driver more comfortable when paving on the streets. The car wash schedule should be done regularly, so that the appearance of the car looks kinclong and the air in the car is fresher.

Especially when the rainy season comes, the muddy ground and marks will make the car look dull. But that does not mean that in the dry season, the appearance of the car looks safe, the flying dust will stick easily to the car body. There is no other choice but to wash the car so that it remains pleasing to the eye and comfortable when driving.

If you have free time to wash the car privately, don't carelessly use chemicals that can result in damaging the paint and body of the car. Also, make sure you use a special car washing soap so that the cleanliness obtained is maximized and safe for the car body layer. Quoted from Cnet, here are the 6 best car wash soaps in 2020 that are recommended for washing cars.

1. Adam's Car Wash Shampoo

The advantages of this Adam brand car washing soap produce a lot of foam with a fresh aroma. This car cleaning material also has a soft texture so it is safe for hands and car body. Whether you wash your car by hand or with the help of a foam gun, this car wash soap is perfect.

2. Rain-X Spot Free Car Wash

As the name suggests, washing the car with this soap does not leave water spots on the surface of the car. Rain-X said there is no need to use a water dryer after washing the car with this soap, but you should use a special cloth to absorb the remaining water in the vehicle, especially when exposed to direct sunlight.

3. Chemical Guys Mr. Pink Super Suds

The foam produced by this washing soap is so much that it makes Chemical Guys Mr. Pink Super Suds very suitable for use with a spray washing machine. The smell of this laundry soap is also fresh, which makes the car smell good.

4. Meguiar's Ultimate Wash & Wax

This soap product offers the ability to wash as well as wax care. So you don't have to worry about the outer layer of the car body being damaged during the washing process.

5. Chemical Guys Extreme Maxi Suds II

Chemical Guys Extreme Maxi Suds II soap produces more foam when compared to Chemical Guys Mr. Pink Super Suds. So this soap is better to use foam gun.

6. Optimum No Rinse wash & Shine

The trend of washing cars without water has increased rapidly over the past 10 years around the world. You want to wash the car with this soap? It is recommended to use Optimum No Rinse wash & Shine soap to clean the car with minimal water.

But as with other environmental car washes, this soap is not intended for muddy cars or other severe dirty conditions. On the contrary, this washing soap works to the maximum to wash away dust and light impurities with the help of just one bucket of water. This product works very well and leaves a satisfactory finish while still being environmentally friendly.

Which of these six car wash soaps will be chosen to use to wash your four-wheeled vehicle? Whatever the choice, don't forget to regularly maintain cleaning the car, not only the outer body but also the inner area so that driving comfort is more pronounced. Bil need to set an alarm on your phone so as not to forget the car wash schedule.

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