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5 Motor Maintenance That Can Be Done At Home

5 Motor Maintenance That Can Be Done At Home
5 Motor Maintenance That Can Be Done At Home

Sciipy - Motorbikes are one of the vehicles that are widely used by the people of Indonesia. In addition to having an affordable price when compared to four-wheeled vehicles, maintenance on the motorbike is also easier and more affordable.

Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic like today, even though motorized vehicles are rarely used, they still require regular maintenance. Fear of coronavirus transmission made a number of workshops decide to close, while on the other hand, vehicle owners were also afraid of contracting it so that not a few decided to postpone motorbike maintenance in the workshop.

If you are one of them, maybe this is the right time to do motorbike maintenance personally at home. Summarized by various sources, here are six light motor treatments that can be done independently at home.

1. Wash the motor thoroughly

Instead of going to the repair shop to wash the motor, you can do it yourself at home. In addition to saving expenses, you can also wash the motorbike cleaner according to your wishes.

When washing the motorbike, make sure to use a special soap intended for the vehicle so that the cleanliness and maintenance of the motorbike is maximized. Do not use motorcycle laundry soap carelessly because it can damage the paint on the motorbike.

Avoid using detergents to wash the motor which can cause damage to the motor paint layer. Instead of being clean, it could be that the color of the motorbike will turn dull and even abrasions arise.

2. Checking the condition of the oil

The change of motorcycle is recommended once every two to three months. But mileage can also be a benchmark for changing motor oil. Usually, when it has reached 2,500 kilometers to 3,000 kilometers, the oil must be replaced so as not to damage the components in the engine.

If you want to reduce the cost of spending on the motorbike, you can change the motor oil independently at home without having to go to the repair shop. The method is also easy, you just need to unscrew the oil tube cap on the motor and remove the blockage. Don't forget to place the container on the bottom to hold the oil marks then replace it with a new one. Make sure you choose the oil according to the type of your motor.

3. Apply lubricant in some parts of the motor components

During the rainy season, the motorbike will often be washed by rainwater which makes some of its engine components made of iron rusty. Usually, what is felt most impacted during the rainy season is the rusty motor chain.

Getting around this, you can provide lubricant to maintain excellent condition on some components that are easily subject to corrosion.

Just a suggestion, if your motorbike often rains, you should wash it immediately to avoid the risk of rust. Corrosion of the components in the motor can occur because it is caused by the content of acidic substances carried by rainwater.

4. Check the condition of all motorcycle tires

The condition of motorcycle tires can also affect the quality of riding. Air pressure on tires that are too high can make tires break easily when used to drive on the road. Meanwhile, if the motorbike tire pressure is too low, it will affect the tightness of the vehicle's brakes.

In addition, the surface of motorcycle tires in severe worn conditions can result in accidents while driving. So if after checking the motorcycle tires personally and it is known that the condition has worn out, it should be replaced immediately to provide comfort in driving.

5. Motor chain checking

Checking the motor chain can be done by standardizing the middle and then starting the motor. If there is an unnatural sound coming from the motor chain, then find out more details about the problem experienced.

In general, the unnatural sound in the motor chain is due to the lack of lubricant. But it does not rule out the possibility of other factors, such as the chain is too tight or loose.

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