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10 Must-Have Tools In Your Motorcycle Toolkit

10 Must-Have Tools In Your Motorcycle Toolkit

Driving on erratic roads makes it mandatory for us to be extra careful. Not only in weather factors but also in obstacles that can occur on your motorcycle such as chains that suddenly break, for example or it can also be problems with components that are unscrewed. 

Although it sounds trivial, sometimes obstacles like this can hinder activities if you don't find a solution immediately. Therefore, it is important for you to be on guard by carrying an emergency toolkit in the trunk of a motorcycle if at any time it is needed when experiencing a disturbance and does not find a repair shop near you. 

It doesn't have to contain completely complete tools, at least carry these 10 must-have tools in your toolkit every time you drive.


This tool is very useful if you need to remove or tighten the screws on motorcycle components. Screwdrivers usually have different types of eyes such as flat screwdrivers, flowers, ratchets and others, with different sizes. Bring enough of the type & size of the screwdriver that may be needed during an emergency.


When performing emergency repairs, you will probably need tools to cut wire & objects that cannot be cut using scissors. Therefore, you need pliers with a long mouth and able to reach a narrow area of motorcycle components

Multi Tool

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This tool is a versatile tool consisting of a folding knife, pliers and also a pair of screwdrivers with two types of screwdriver eyes. Usually this tool is small in size so it is easier to carry everywhere.

Key "L"

Because of its small size, sometimes many bikers forget about this tool. Though the L key is very useful especially when you need to tighten or unscrew the bolt in a narrow area.

Portable Tire Patching Tool

Punctured tire constraints are the most common problem often experienced by motorcyclists. Currently, there are many portable tire patching tools that are practical in size so that you can store them in your luggage and use them when you experience a punctured tire and do not find a tire patching workshop in your area.

Wrench or wrench

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This tool is a lifesaver when there are components that must be opened or tightened the nut. Have a wrench or wrench available in your tool kit, as both are tools that are often used for emergency motorcycle repairs.

Key Ring

The function of this tool is actually similar to the function of a wrench or wrench, which is to tighten and unscrew the nut. The difference is that the ring lock can only be used for nuts that are installed on the exposed part of the motorcycle, because this lock requires more space to be used.


Many engine areas and other components on motorcycles are narrow and hard-to-reach gaps. To make it easier for you to repair or check the narrow area just now, you need lighting tools. Hence the small flashlight in the toolkit.

Tis Cable

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This one object may not be included as a tool, but its usefulness should not be underestimated. Tis cables can be very useful in emergency situations, for example a motorcycle plate comes off or even the helmet glass is off the hook. You tie the tis cable temporarily until you can fix it with the appropriate bolt.

Duct tape

Like tis cables, this thing is also useful when it comes to making minor repairs to a motorcycle. For example, gluing a cracked or broken motorcycle body or emergency patching of a torn motorcycle seat.

Those are the 10 tools that must be in your motorcycle toolkit. In addition to emergency tools, also find out various motorcycle repair tips that you can do yourself. Check out the various tips on the page

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