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More Practical, Here's How To check The Car Number Via Online

How to check the current car frame number can be done online. That way, you can find out the vehicle's identity more easily and practically only from a smartphone device!

The car frame number is very necessary to take care of various administrative vehicle needs such as paying vehicle taxes, returning the name of the STNK and BPKB, or changing the vehicle color data at the STNK. The frame number does have an important function. In these rows of numbers and letters, car owners can find out the identity of their vehicle, starting from the year of production, the type of car, the name of the car manufacturer, and much more.

Please note, when you buy a used car, be it from a car auction house or a dealer, the vehicle frame number must be checked. This is done to ensure that the used car you are targeting is not a fake car or a stolen vehicle. Apart from that, you also need to check whether the frame number is the same as the data stated on the vehicle documents, namely the STNK and BPKB. If it turns out that the data does not match, then this could be an indication that the used car you are after is an illegal car. If you decide to buy it anyway, you could run the risk of getting into legal trouble. 

More Practical, Here's How To check The Car Number Via Online

What Is a Car Frame Number?

The car frame number or Vehicle Identification Number consists of 17 series of combinations of numbers and letters that function as the vehicle's identity number. Through the car's chassis number, you can find out whether the vehicle is officially registered and ensure that the car is not a stolen, modified, or sold vehicle on the black market.

  • In more detail, here is the function of the car/vehicle frame number:
  • shows the identity of the factory that manufactures the vehicle
  • know the dealer or place where the vehicle was purchased

as a reference number when taking care of vehicle administrative needs, for example when renewing a STNK. If the frame number and engine number do not match, it is certain that the vehicle is illegal

In general, for cars that use the monocoque model, the location of the frame number can be seen at the bottom of the front seat. Meanwhile, for cars that use a chassis, you can see the location of the vehicle's frame number on the chassis.

How to Check Car Frame Numbers Online?

Currently, technology has advanced so that checking complete information regarding the car frame number can be done online. If you have a car with license plate code B or come from the DKI Jakarta area, here are the steps you need to take.

  1. Download and install an application called DKI Jakarta Ranmor & Tax Check. For Android users, you can find it on the Google Play Store.
  2. After the application is installed on your smartphone, please enter the application via the Google account that you have.
  3. Next, you will be asked to enter data in the form of the vehicle police number (nopol) and the Vehicle Identification Number (NIK) of the vehicle owner. Please be aware, that the app may actually allow you to login without a VIN. Even so, when you provide a NIK, the information that can be provided by the application can be much more complete.
  4. If you have filled in the requested data, please click the "Search" button.
  5. When the vehicle police number is found, the application will display various information related to the identity of the vehicle, starting from the vehicle frame number, car license plate number, vehicle tax, car brand, car color, year of manufacture, car cc, and others. 

How to Read Vehicle Identity from Car Frame Number?

Please note that in the world there are several standard Vehicle Identification Number or VIN formats that are used. For Indonesia, the standard used refers to ISO 3779 where the frame number consists of 17 digits and is divided into 3 main parts as follows.

1. World Manufacturer Identifier in the first 3 digits

The first three digits of the chassis number indicate the World Manufacturer Identifier/WMI. The first two digits indicate the country where the car was assembled, then the third digit is the car manufacturer.

Here is a list of codes for each country.

  • AH: Africa
  • AA-AH: South Africa
  • AJ-AN: Ivory Coast
  • BA-BE: Angola
  • X3-X0: Russia
  • VF-VR: France
  • JA-J0: Japan
  • LA-L0: China
  • MA-ME: India
  • MF-MK: Indonesia
  • ML-MR: Thailand
  • PL-PR: Malaysia
  • RL-RR: Vietnam
  • SA-SM: England
  • WA-W0: Germany
  • 1A-10: United States
  • 4A-40: United States
  • 5A-50: United States
  • 6A-6W: Australia, and many others.

From the list above, it can be seen that for Indonesia the code is in the range between the letters MF-MK. So, if there is a frame number where the first 3 digits are the letters MHY, then the first two codes are MH. The code is still between the MF-MK so that it can be seen that the vehicle was assembled in Indonesia. Then the letter Y behind is the manufacturer's code, namely Suzuki.

The following is the code for car manufacturers assembled in Indonesia: 

  • Y=Suzuki
  • F=Toyota 
  • R=Honda 
  • K=Daihatsu

2. Vehicle Descriptor Section in digits 4 to 9

On the 4th to 9th digit line is the Vehicle Descriptor Section, which is the part to describe the identity of the car in general. Here you can find out the type of engine, vehicle model, vehicle body type, to the type of transmission. For 

3. Vehicle Identifier Section in the last 8 digits

In the last 8 digits of the car frame number is the Vehicle Identifier Section. The 10th digit indicates the year the car was manufactured, then the 11th to 17th digits are the car's production serial number.

So , that's the information that we can convey about how to check the car frame number online.

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