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Stay Calm, Here's How To Overcome A Los Car Clutch

Stay Calm, Here's How To Overcome A Los Car Clutch

If you have a car with a manual transmission, then at least you should know how to cope with the clutch of a los car. Because, this 'disease' often occurs in manual cars and often makes the driver panic. This can be caused by a malfunction of the clutch master or something else.

This kind of problem can appear suddenly, including when driving. Panic can create new problems, so it's highly recommended that you stay level-headed if you experience it. After all, vehicle damage does have the potential to occur at any time, especially if it is rarely checked.

Recognize the Causes and Symptoms of Los Car Clutch

Before the clutch of the car los, usually your vehicle already shows the initial symptoms. For example, when shifting gears, it is not as smooth as before or even a loud enough sound is heard. If this is the case, it can be ascertained that something is wrong with the clutch performance of your car.

First of all, you should first know what is the cause of the car clutch not working suddenly. Only then can you find out how to deal with the clutch of the car. A common cause that most often occurs is leaks in some components so that the shift fork is not optimal.

Chances are that your release and master cylinder clutch is leaking or worn out. It can happen because the component lacks car clutch oil. As a result, the gear could not enter as it should or worse the clutch los until finally the car broke down.

How to Overcome a Sudden Los Car Clutch

Actually, you don't need to take it directly to the workshop and just do a simple handling.

Step 1

The main thing is of course to put the car to a safe place so as not to cause congestion. After that neutralize the transmission and turn off the car engine.

If indeed the cause is that the clutch oil has run out, then you should check the container. Look into the engine room of the three-finger-sized tube container just in front of the steering wheel of the car. Unscrew the lid and fill it with clutch oil or brake fluid as an alternative.

However, there are types of brake fluid that are not recommended for handling clutch problems. For European cars, it is best not to use DOT 3-coded brake fluid, unless it is urgent. Try after finding the workshop immediately drain the contents of the tube and fill it with clutch oil.

Step 2

Wait a while before continuing the journey and restart the car to check the clutch function. The question is, if it turns out that the problem is not due to the exhaustion of the clutch oil, what needs to be done? There are at least three other sections that you need to check one by one.

As said at the beginning, the possible cause is indeed not only due to the exhaustion of the clutch oil. This could be due to leaks in other components, especially in the release and master cylinder clutch. So, also check the two components and feel the difference in the stepping distance of the clutch pedal.

If it turns out that the source of the problem is a component leak, inevitably the solution is to go to the workshop. Either the release or the master (depending on the damage) needs to be replaced at varying costs. Usually the cost spent is between IDR 300 thousand to IDR 400 thousand including installation.

Check the Car Clutch Regularly

That was an explanation of the causes of the clutch pedal not turning over and how to handle it. Los clutches are often experienced by vehicles with a hydraulic type clutch system. Therefore, regular checking is highly recommended especially the contents of the clutch oil tube in the engine room.

The condition of the clutch and other related components must also be checked every few times. Moreover, you may often travel long distances through difficult terrains. After knowing how to deal with the clutch of the car, now you don't need to panic anymore.

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