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How To Properly Clean Your Own Car Light Reflector

How To Properly Clean Your Own Car Light Reflector

Many car owners still do not know how to clean the car headlight reflector on their own. In fact, this is one of the important components in a car, especially at night. Every few months, car headlight reflectors need to be checked regularly to maintain their performance.

Reflectors themselves are one type of car headlights just like projectors. The difference is that usually reflectors are used for fog lamps, while projectors are not. So if the reflector is dirty, the light distribution cannot be maximized, making it difficult for motorists to read the road.

How to Properly Clean Car Lights?

The possible cause of the reflector not functioning optimally is due to damage or dirty mica. This kind of problem is usually often experienced by owners of vehicles with wide wheels or a flat body.

But if it's already done, try to do the following ways to clean the car light reflector.

1. Cleaning with Toothpaste

If you don't have time to use the services of cleaning the car headlamp, the temporary solution is with toothpaste. Use any brand of origin in it contains abrasive substances for whitening.

Before carrying out the steps, it is highly recommended to use a hand protection first.

First of all, clean the lamp until there is no more dirt and dust. Cover important components using paper tape so that they do not get exposed to toothpaste. Then use a soft, moistened cloth to apply toothpaste to the surface of the lamp.

Apply it slowly on the entire surface and apply a little pressure to the scratches on the car glass. Then wash it with water when the glass has begun to appear clearer and then dry it with a dry cloth.

This method is very short and easy because it only takes 3-5 minutes to clean each lamp.

2. Using Cleaning Liquid/Soap

How to clean the yellowed glass of a car lamp with toothpaste is the shortest step. But if you have enough time, it's best to use cleaning liquid or soap. Here you need to disassemble the lamp to wipe the components one by one so that it is maximally clean.

To remove the lamp housing, use a hair dryer so that the glue softens and is easily gouged. Be careful when doing so, and if it has been successfully removed clean the lamp reflector so that there is no dust or mold. The use of wax liquid is quite recommended to keep the chrome coating shiny.

Also clean the lamp mica with soapy water so that the dirt falls out. It is okay to use a brush, but be careful not to cause a beret on the mica.

When all is done, pair put the reflector on the lamp housing again with glue and install the mica.

After all is clean, you usually need to go to the workshop to reset the focus and direction of the light beam only.

3. Gluing Aluminum Foil

The next way to clean the opaque inner car headlight glass is to attach aluminum foil. Usually in the workshop this method costs IDR 100 thousand to IDR 200 thousand along with the installation. But if you dare to disassemble the lamp yourself, it will be even more sparing.

Aluminum foil material can be obtained easily on the market, choose those whose surface is similar to chrome. First of all, first disassemble the mica glass and the lamp is dirty or has a lot of scratches. Then cut the aluminum foil according to the damaged parts and attach them neatly.

Don't forget to clean all dirty, dusty and scratched parts so that the spread of rays is better. The result is not 100 percent perfect, but at least the rays are more optimal than before. However, this is only temporary handling because you still have to take it to the workshop.

Those were three ways to clean the car light reflector that you can follow yourself at home. Follow all the steps very carefully and slowly, yes.

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