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Can Be Done By Yourself, Here's An Easy Way To Set Up Car Audio

Before starting the car audio setup, it is important to first know the stereo used. For some types of cars, the stereo used can be adjusted manually.

As for other types of stereos, the easiest way of setting up is done by tuning the amplifier.

Both ways this setting will give maximum audio results. In addition, it can also be done by yourself.

Can Be Done By Yourself, Here's An Easy Way To Set Up Car Audio

1. Standard Car Audio Settings

The first is a standard car audio tuning method. This setting method can be used for several types of cars with a standard stereo head. Usually there will be equipment such as Head Unit and Full Range Speakers on the front door.

Although some car manufacturers will use Coaxial Speakers. It even comes with a tweeter on the pillar.

Setting up standard car audio is pretty straightforward. Here are the steps:

  • Set all settings in the HU (head unit) at point 0. Includes Balance, Fader, Bass, Treble. Until Mid if there is one.
  • Adjust the volume to your convenience and play your favorite songs. It's best to have a song with a bass that's not very dominant.
  • Make the settings on Balance. At this stage it will be heard that the sound is unbalanced. This is because from the rider's bench, the sound of the right side speaker will be stronger.
  • The Balance setting will balance both sides of the speaker. Even for standard audio, it is quite difficult to give a truly balanced result.
  • Fader settings are the next step. This time it is to adjust the balance of sound from the front and back.
  • Fader settings should be adjusted according to hearing. Because the type of speaker used in the car will be very influential for this setting.
  • Set the sound high and low. This arrangement is also based on hearing. In the HU there will be a high sound setting, with Treble. As well as a low voice with Bass.
  • In addition, there are also those that provide a center sound setting with Mid. Set the balance between high and low sound.
  • Setting this step should preferably be done from the high, middle, then finally low sound.

2. Car Audio Tuning Amplifier Settings

One way to set up for maximum car audio results is by tuning the amplifier. The amplifier itself will be able to improve the quality of the stereo in the car. Produces a better audio output.

Incorrect car audio tuning settings will result in noise or distortion. In fact, there is often storing of car audio.

Here are the steps to set up the tuning of a car audio amplifier.

  • Use CD test. Putting on a favorite song is indeed doable. Although for the best results use cd test in audi car settings.
  • The way the amplifier tuning is actually a little complicated. It's just that make sure the frequency bar setting brings the singer's voice on the front. While the instruments are in the background. The right arrangement will give the atmosphere of listening to music at the concert.
  • Setting 1-kHz sine wave tone in cd test. After that it begins to slowly play the tune. Until the right audio is obtained.
  • Adjust the gain on the amplifier so that there is no distortion or noise.

For maximum results when setting up car audio with tuning the amplifier, you can also do frequency tuning. Another option is of course with the Bass Boost setting.

Every amplifier actually has a Bass Boost. It's just that often the right arrangements are not made. So the results are not optimal.

The way the car audio setup does sound complicated at first. Though the point is just to play around with the settings button until you get the desired audio result.

Hopefully, the information about how to set up car audio above helps to bring the best quality music when driving.

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